Saturday, February 14, 2009

Glance Snapshot - election in Indonesia

  • Hi Long Time no see
  • How is business
  • Well we are all trying to survive in this new Era of 2009
  • Its already the month of February so it is already the 2nd month of Year 2009
  • Frankly speaking I am quite busy with my work
  • That is one of the reason I had been off from this blog for quite a while
  • It is election time in Indonesia
  • The politic climate in Indonesia is getting hot know
  • many comments and new political issues pop up in the media
  • There are several new Parties popping up in the advertisement
  • several of the candidates are former general in the military of Indonesia
  • So there are several religion back grounds, military back grounds, nationalist backgrounds most are the break up of the former Sukarno ideologies Party, secular backgrounds, labor backgrounds, and professional intellectual background.
  • It is really interesting if we observe the development of democracy in Indonesia which sometimes appears sort of a "demo crazy"
  • There are also many political comedians shows in the TV media which we never can imagine could happen during the former Suharto Era.
  • In this shows, we can see that we are free to critic the still existing President in power.
  • This is really happening in Indonesia
  • Even though most of us sometimes are really bored with the members of the People House Representatives who frequently are more self centered and thinking about their own life style, on the other side of the coin we can see that Indonesia is really on the democracy era.
  • In the reality we understand that in order for a Party to campaign, they really need money
  • This also applies to the person who are campaigning himself / herself needs monies in a certain level and degree.
  • Well, in the real world money talks.
  • How do we as layman in the streets in Indonesia must react or do in these development.
  • I think this really depends on the individual to decide since nobody has the power to influence such individual expect if such person are in the position of desperate to have immediate in having monies to be able to continue his stomach.
Agung Supomo Suleiman February 14, 2009 14.10 hours Indonesia Western Time

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