Monday, March 16, 2009

Business Law Certainty

  • Yes, business law certainty is very important and significant for investors who are investing their monies and capital in a certain country Including Indonesia.
  • Most significant certainty issues relates to divestment issues, certainty of transferring their profits/ dividends to their original country or place of bank where the investors would like to transfer their monies and funds from the place/country they conduct and invest their monies to run its business.
  • protection of its investment/capital from the Government, in event of nationalization issues of their business
  • wants to have assurance of getting the same treatments as foreign investors with the local national investors
  • assuring that investors can place their expertise/foreign professionals/ executives members in the organization of the business entity that they had established / formed to run their business in a certain country.
  • certainty of land titles as well as the duration of using / benefiting such land usage by the foreign investors, to ensure sustainability of their place of business in running its business operation in such country.
  • employment rules particularly relating to minimum salary, benefits, compensation, right to hire and fire as well as flexibility in engaging the manpower due to the uncertainty of the global economy.
The above items are some of the significant elements which investors may be concerned of before deciding to make investments in a certain place or country. Jakarta, March 16, 2009

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