Thursday, April 09, 2009

Election Day

  • In Indonesia today is an important day because it is the election day
  • we vote and elected the parties and the representative from such parties to be the peoples representatives in the Parliament
  • It was really interesting because there are so many Parties who participate in such election
  • The most important thing is that we are being given the chance to select our representative
  • from the registered entitled person to vote in my place it appears only 65% participated exercising their right to vote and came to the election poll
  • some of my friends in other places are not registered as entitled person even though they had been living in their places for a long time and had held the Identity Card as Registered habitat in their places for a long time
  • It appears that the system of the election committee has to be revitalized and improved because it makes the person who cannot participate feels really frustrated.
  • we do not know whether there was a deliberate intention since you may find many similar cases in other parts of the polling election experienced by my other friends.
  • well, we shall see the results of the election in this coming days
Jakarta, 9 April 2009 Agung Supomo Suleiman

Sunday, April 05, 2009

E Book Significant Legal Exposures/Notes Business in Indonesia

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  • Last week was really a busy week for me
  • it is really exiting since I have to finish my drafting of the business contracts on Saturday which was actually a free day from work
  • I finally managed to finish the work around 17.00 hours in the afternoon and furnish it to my Client.
  • The day before yesterday I had worked late night until 2 o'clock, since I had to prepare my presentation relating to Construction Study cases which was held by the Institution of Studies of the Law Procedure and Court System Faculty of Law University of Indonesia and the Department of Public Work
  • The presentation was really interesting, since after making the presentation, I had managed to divide the class into 2 blocks where one block acts as the Construction Work Provider and the other block as the Contractor relating to a certain Road Project, where Mobilization of Manpower and Equipment /Dump Trucks were occurring causing delays in the performance of the construction work.
  • It was really exiting, since the participants were really doing their best efforts in defending each of their positions.
  • Thus, last week was really a busy week for me and I really have to have a break this week end to stabilize my health condition
Jakarta, 5 April 20009 Agung Supomo Suleiman

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Drilling Rig
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