Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Snap Shot Business lawyer

As a Business Lawyer you have also experienced yourself  running your own boutique Law Firm Shop, where there is the ups and downs of your cash flow
It is really not easy to run your own boutique shop
When you are an in-house Lawyer in a Company, the endusers as well as the management will come to your place to ask for your legal assistance;
Whereas, if you are opening your own shop, you have to market yourself to your Clients. You have to tell to them who you are and what can you do in terms of Legal Services.
So there must be a "mental switch" for you as the Partner of the Boutique Law Firm.
There is no free lunch in this world. You have to be expert in some legal aspects relating to the business environment. You have to go around and meet people outside your office.
As long as you like your new venture being an Independent Lawyer running your own Shop there will be an opportunity for your to get some work from your networks and links.
So, go out and meet people, and try to make new friends within your business legal expertise
Jakarta 9 October 2009
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