Sunday, April 17, 2011

Natural Resources Created By The Creator

If you are allowed by the AL  MIGHTY to stay ==>  in this World  for quite a while, at a certain stage of your life Cycle  you will  realize that your life journey also rotates similarly  as :
    • sun and and moon, day and night, 
    • hungry, eat, full stomach, hungry, start eating again, full stomach, 
    • you earn money, you spent your money, you are out of cash, start working  hard again, your earn money, you spent money  etc. 
    • ups and down 
    • like a merry go round; 
    • spinning around 
    If you happen to be a Muslim Believer, you can found this Rotation Fenomena  in the Holly Book        Al Quran, where it actually shows  the Sign of the Greatness, the Merciful of ALLAH the AL Mighty;

    • The Important and significant thing is that  you start realizing  that ALLAH The Al Mighty has created this World  with all the Natural Resources distributed and scattered around the world  ready to be searched, find out, explored, mining out  it out, exploited, developed, transported, stored and sell  for the benefit of all mankind.  
    • This process of Awareness of knowing our Creator : ALLAH is also following the ups and down rythm, where you have to maintain it on the up level by continously listening to the words of ALLAH  from the Al Quran and testing its reality in the Real World of your Real Day to day life;
    Well, my life experienced as a Business Lawyer makes me becoming interested in looking and observing the Nature of the Hard Minerals such : as Copper, Iron Ore, Gold, Diamond, Bentonite, and Hydro carbon (Oil and Gas); 

    • Gold is Valuable in its price ; 
    • Diamond is the strongest Minerals if you want to crush with other Minerals, which therefore is  being used in the Drilling Bit,  known among others as Diamond Shamrock  Drilling Bit,  where the price of such Diamond Drilling Bit is equal to 2( two) new Brand Mercedes Car
    • Benton  "cannot be melted down"  even in a very High Degree Temperature Plant and thus is used as to Shape other Minerals  in a High Boiling Temperature  Plant;        

    The ALL Mighty has granted the Indonesian Archipelago  with full of Natural Resources; 

    It is not human being who planted and created this Natural Resources regardless of their nationality; The human being are only being given Brain with  its built in Mind, capacity,  Soul, and Heart, instinct, willingness to search these Natural Resources by conducting General Survey, with Knowledge, Science,  and Capital Engineering, Infrastructure.

    • Further this Human Being has to explore these Natural Resources  by conducting Seismic line services  in several appointed Coordinates, by first clearing the Surface Land from trees or houses ; and than planting the dynamite to be blown, where the sounds are detected ind captured  in the Seismographic instruments which will than be shown in a graphic picture showing the prospective contents of what is in the structure below the ground.   
    If there are Mineral Resources determined to be commercial developed, these Human Being start developing  the production facilities from pipeline, station gathering, separation instruments to separate the  Oil from the water and sulfur if it is Hydrocarbon, and if it is Hard Minerals such as Coal to split the Coal from the Water, Sulfur, Ash; with the Technical Instruments developed by the Human Being using their Brain, and Mind; and develop the Coal Plant.

    As a Business Lawyer in reviewing the Mineral Contracts, Cooperation Agreement between the relaeant Parties, the  Sales Coal Contract,  we have to understand the Nature of this  Mineral Business in order to be able to accommodate the willingness and desires of  the Business Players /Investors who are your Client in giving legal advice and drafting or reviewing the Purchase Sales Coal Contracts or if you are requested to conduct Legal Due Diligence if your Client is interested to acquire share of the Company who is operating a Mining Activities either Coal, Iron Ore or Magnesium. 

    • It is really enjoying if you love your professional work and if you happen to search the real meaning of life and start questioning why are we dropped in this World and who had created these Huge World together with all what is contain  below  the Ground  which includes those Natural Resources which can really be useful to increase the Quality of Mankind. 
    • Well, these are my thoughts  this morning when I walked up from my bed and start writing what is in my mind in this Blog of mine;Cheers and Good Luck and success
    • Jakarta, April 17, 2011 Agung S.Suleiman 

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