Saturday, September 29, 2012

Laws are Political Products

The Laws in Indonesia seems to be more of a political result, since the Law is a product  made by the People's House Of Representative (or Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat- DPR - Parliament) (consisting of members from Political Parties who are having seats in the DPR)  together with the President. 
  • Since Indonesia is really a large archipelago consisting of hundreds of Islands stretching from Sabang to Merauke, then   in reality, in  order to establish a Party you have to have certain "financial capability" to establish and penetrate  your political network to be known to the 250 million people  of  Indonesia as your political target;  Of course there are already electronic media in the internet as well as TV stations which can broadcast  your  Political  Party "existence"; 
From the media news and rumors, we observe  that the source of the funds for political party to campaign are from business people who already had some source of  funds  generated from  their Business Projects; The problem which occur nowadays, according to the news and rumors,  in several parts of Indonesia, is that several Bupati's (Head of the Provincial District)  and Governor's  are  striving  monies sponsors  from  Company's  in their campaign  to be elected in the of Governor and Bupati's Election,  which in  return  promised to give projects from Government Projects, as well as  granting certain Business Licences needed by the Companies in their  District  Area;
  • These "Very Bad Practices"  also appeared  to be occurring in the Parliament,  where according to  rumors,  or so  called "Public Secret" that for several Departments,  who are proposing  for  having a Draft of Law,  which has to be channeled to the Parliament as the Legislative Institution, must   give  certain amount of monies  to the members of Parliament as a "trade of"   to  agree accepting and drafting such laws;  Since Indonesia  is  more transparency in this Democracy Era,  the above bad practices, are really being exposed in the Media,  where many members of the Parliament  as well as Governor /Bupati,  are being trialed  in the Court,  as result  of  the investigation  pursued  by KPK (Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi - Corruption Eradication Commission);  This Corruption Eradication Commission is established by Law in Indonesia,  since  the people of Indonesia  has lost their "Trust of Level"  to the existing Judicial Institution; 

The above bad practices for sure caused high economic costs in Indonesia, since marked-up  are forced  to be made by business  companies to keep and maintain their profit margins; The people of Indonesia are already fed up with the Political Maneuver of the Political parties in the Parliament,  as well as the Governor and Bupati who are abusing their power for their own financial interest, and are really frustrated with the  bad attitude of this Political Clowns; This feeling of  frustrations are shown in Jakarta, recently  in September 2012, who had voted on the election of Jokowi - Ahok - who appears to be an honest couple of Governor - Vice Governor who had shown their honest intergrity - public servant during their respective former position in Solo - for Jokowi and Ahok ( Basuki) in Belitung;        
  • We all really  hope that  this will be a good start for Honest Government Era in Indonesia; The Parliament day to day attitude are being controlled by the Media - Press including us as owner of  Blogs, where we can also be part  the elements of controlling and monitoring the Executive- Judicial - Parliament, by posting our own version of perception in their actions and moves; 
Jakarta, 29 September 2012
Agung S.Suleiman

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