Friday, October 18, 2013


Yes, as a Business Lawyer we have to learn from others particularly, how to increase our professional qualifications and capability to catch up with the International Business Professional standards so that we can satisfy the legal curiosity of our Foreign International Clients who are conducting business in Indonesia. If we can meet the high expectation of our Client in handling the legal aspects to protect their business interest particularly to protect their investments which they have pursued to achieve their business goals and targets, we might be rewarded by our International Clients by achieving good and qualified team work and partnership with our Clients. 
  •   Our Law Firm now called SACO Law Firm (Suleiman Agung & Co)  is striving to survive and as a professional Law Firm, and we are really eager to establish and maintain good professional relation with Foreign International Law Firms. For more than 15 (fifteen) Years since 1st June 1998, our Law Firm had been practicing Business Law within the Business Community in Indonesia. The Founder and partner of this Law Firm had experienced serving International Foreign Clients as well as Local Indonesia Clients. Based on such depth experienced, we believe and is confident  that we really understand the wants and needs of our Clients to ensure legal certainty to enable them to develop sustainable business venture in Indonesia.
We must be aware that the world is flat in the sense that all countries are dependent on each other including maintaining good understanding between the Various Business Players and Professionals  in all level of Business Society. Besides mastering the English language every Business Lawyer have to always learn the effective business communication particularly how to talk the same business language with your Business Lawyer skills in passing the message of legals aspects and legal exposures which is understood by every level of professionals with your Clients including the management and shareholders level.

  • As a Business Lawyer,  we have to learn from the hard way and by experiencing also the difficulties and obstacles in our cash flows and learn smart from our ups and downs in running and managing our Business Law Firm and we must also establish high level of trust and comfort to our Clients. Indonesia is growing and striving hard  to be at the same level of attitude with other advance countries who had reached a certain level of quality and service which can be accepted by International Standards. We can observe and watch this from our day to day experience in Indonesia  where one of the Good samples which are shown by the New 1 Year Governor of Jakarta, where the Governor and the Vice Governor of Jakarta are really doing professional tasks including how to get the MRT Project done to cope with the Terrible Traffic Jam and crowd in Jakarta and the hard work to cope and handle the Floods in Jakarta.      
So we really must learn from our advance neighbor countries and learn smart from them to develop growth in this open transparant era.
That's all folks for this episode snapshots
Jakarta, 18th October 2013
Agung S.Suleiman 

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