Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Amazing isn't it we do not realize that it is already the 22nd of October 2013. Thanks GOD that we still survive and are alive. How is Business at your end? We hope that everything is ok at your end. In Indonesia the weather is quite hot and sometimes it's raining. If we look at the construction development in Jakarta it appears that there are many new high rise buildings being constructed. The streets in our Area which is near Fatmawati Street are being fast renovated and expanded to become  3 Row Ways, due to the preparations of the MRT or Mono Rail which are planned to be constructed from Lebak Bulus to Hotel Indonesia in Jakarta.
  • The Governor of Jakarta seems to be very serious and consistent in implementing the development of the streets in Jakarta particularly in Fatmawati Street where I lived, where it only took around 1 (one) month to complete such renovation of the 3 Row Ways, where they conducted the construction at night, which according to my knowledge it only occurs during the Era of  Governor Jokowi and Ahok, which is similar to my personal experience observing road construction when I was in Holland. 
As you are aware Jakarta is the Capital City of Indonesia, by which it shall be the barometer and sample of how the upfront face of Indonesia will be exposed in the coming days and future  to come, after Jokowi  for 1(one)  Year had exercised professionally  as how Public Servants must actually performed as Public Servants in Indonesia.  
  • For business actors and players these positive attitude shown by the Governor of Jakarta shall be a positive sign to attract investors establishing their offices in Jakarta. Green City Parks, water drainage, river  functions and additional volume of Bus Ways are being focused to be handled and tackled by the Governor of Jakarta during this 1st Year of Public Services by this Public Servant. We as the inhabitants in Jakarta can really feel the seriousness of handling the complicated matters faced by Jakarta by Governor  Jokowi. 
We as Business Lawyer feels having  a certain level degree of comfort  relating to  "Legal Certainty" due to the Strong and Solid Leadership shown by these 2 Leaders, where they demonstrated to be  sincere and can be trusted by the people in solving and handling the overwhelming comprehensive and complicated matters faced by the Capital City of Jakarta. 
  • I think these are some real and actual feelings that we felt as inhabitants in Jakarta.
Jakarta, 22 October 2013
Agung Supomo.Suleiman           

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