Friday, November 01, 2013


This question is really challenging for professional who are eager to be a Professional Business Lawyer. In my self experience, I can capture the essence of being a Business Lawyer by opening my own shop in the Business Lawyer practice as a self employed Business Lawyer in the sense that we really experienced ourselves becoming a self employed Business Lawyer in the sense of having no fixed income for more than 16 years since 1 of June 1998.

  • It is quite an experience where there are no schools teaching us  how to be self - employed,  but to experienced yourself  by becoming someone who dare or is forced by a certain X factor to  jump from a certain fixed situation to become uncertain in terms of your cash flows income.  Your are more independent and flexible in terms of your time schedule, but as a consequence you do not have a certain fixed monthly income as you may enjoyed during your time when we are in the status of an employee have a fixed-monthly income. 
However, there are more wide opportunities that you can venture during your free unemployed status because once your are near the edge of not having enough sufficient cash flows, you are forced to seek and get out of your dreaming venture to face reality that you have to seek Clients or customers who are in need of your legal business expertise so that in return of  rendering your business legal services to your Client,  you are than  being paid an agreed certain legal fees for the legal business services that you have rendered to your Clients.
  • Thus, there is no other alternative and option than to emerge and pulled out your ability to seek and search Clients through your business networks to be able to generate legal fee revenue. But the Legal Fees are actually a By-Product, where we firstly have to seek Clients through our business networks  and provide them with our professional legal business services in a perfect, professional, timely, efficient way to meet our Clients high expectation in receiving our legal business support services to protect our Clients Business Interests, investment, and business operations in achieving their business targets and goals.   
There is no instant short cut results, but it needs courage, tough decisions, down to earth solutions to help your  Clients needs in achieving their business goals and targets, business plans in their ventures in Indonesia. You have to really learn from your falls and ups, smart learning process, and also by admitting your weakness so that you must learn, listen and observe from others who succeed and are able to  rise up after their falls and never give up to pursue your missions, visions  in actualizing your potential inner strength to contribute value added to your business society and community. 
  • You must established a certain character to differentiate your unique professional capability and maintain your business networks and links to expand and penetrate the market in exposing your professional capability  as a Business Lawyer. Before you can convince others you must firstly identify who your really are and what are your wants, needs, visions, goals, dreams, and down to earth reality facts that you can be an added value to your closest business society and community.  
So, we have to increase our awareness to become more smarter and learn from our mistakes, to overcome our own obstacles which had blocked our potential capability to develop and increase our self confidence and self esteem. Well, having said the above, this article is actually to strengthen my self to be more aware and conscious of what do we actually want to do to contribute benefits to others.
Jakarta, November 1, 2013 revised 24 June 1014
Agung S.Suleiman          

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