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Earlier Large Immigrants to America and Australia engaged in Mining Operations

Yes, I am really glad I have this AGUNGSS BUSINESS LAWYER NOTE Blog with the Content containing  Articles covering  legal aspects involved in the Business done in Indonesia particularly in the Oil Gas, General Mining Sectors. These includes Financing Engineering Mechanism arrangements how to raise  funds, required to pursue business operational ventures in the Oil Gas and General Mining sectors covering the upstream activities from Pre - Operating stages,  exploring, exploiting, producing, up to the Down Stream such as  refinery,  smelter  and selling the Mineral and Carbon products. 
  •  From my experiences as Independent Business Lawyer, we captured  that  getting funds during the Explorations stage where no yet Cash-in are generated, shall be  the significant elements  faced by Indonesian Companies. 
Frequently, during this Commitment Expenditure Phase  in the Oil Gas Exploration stages, after drilling several explorations wells,  the Indonesian Companies  will require more funds to perform their Exploration Drilling Activities, upon which they will  seek additional funds from Investors to participate in their Exploration Drilling Wells. As we know the rule of thumb of success ratio in the Oil and Gas business is : 8 : 1 meaning after drilling 8 Wells only 1 Well is a Discovery Well and the other 7 Wells are dry Hole. 
We can observed that the Indonesian Local Senior Professionals, who had experienced in the management, technical, economic, audit,  human resources, legal  knowledge and know how during their assignment in the various  Foreign Oil Gas and Mining Companies operating in Indonesia, shall gather a Working Team and start  to discuss, prepare and  make proposals and  presentations to several Indonesian Business Companies / Investors  pursuing them to start venturing in Oil Gas and Mining  Business Operations in Indonesia.
These Senior Professionals formerly had learned  and gained knowledge and experiences from their former business pioneers originating from several American Oil Gas Companies such as Stanvac, Exxon, Mobil Oil,  Chevron, Caltex, Vico, Unocal and several Australian Mining Companies who operates their business in Indonesia. Based on their experience they managed convinced the Indonesian Investors that a Prospect Oil Gas Discovery will be feasible based  on their geological studies and reservoir engineer studies.
As we noticed and understand from past histories,  these American Oil Gas Companies had experienced conducting their Oil Gas and Mining Ventures in their Country, which started from the Early Gold Rush Ventures performed by  their Ancestors who were American Pioneers Entrepreneurs originated from  British and Scotland Immigrants who immigrated from the Kingdom of Great Britain, during the European colonization in America in the 17th Century. Actually the Spanish, French and Dutch came first as immigrant to America. Around the year 1000, a small number of Vikings also arrived in America.
It was 500 Years later that the great European migration started to begin. You can imagine crossing the Atlantic will take over more than 2 to 3 Months with the risk of seasickness, lack of food, and diseases. But the high hope to gain political and religion freedoms kept the Europeans immigrating to America. In the 1820-1880 The Industrial Revolution had begun, where slave trade was nearly ending. Railroad was constructed, since America was pushing west, for which thousands of immigrants could found work on the trans-continental road, where many towns were settled along the way. The news of this California Gold Rush (1848-1855) had spread around the world, which attract immigrants from Asia and Europe. Gold was found by James W. Marshall at Sutter's Mill in Coloma, California.  These Gold Rush News had attracted approximately 10 thousands immigrants not only from Asia and Europe but also from Australia also and Latin America.  The Non-native population in California become 100,00 which pre-1948 the figure was less than 1,00. A total of $2 billion worth of precious metal was extracted from the area during this Gold Rush which peaked in 1852.
Back to the British Immigrants, we understand that they left  their original home town in the Kingdom of Great Britain in Europe  to seek and become the Early Pioneer Large Immigrants and Settlers in North America, in their efforts to  strive  gaining  Equal Opportunities Rights before the Law, freedom of religion and politics reason. They felt that were not treated  equally, since they were  not  borne from the Aristocrat Blood  as well as the Land Lords Higher Strata who owns lands in Great Britain. The Spanish came on the end of the 16th Century. The British settled in New England and Virginia, the Dutch in New York and New Jersey, and the Swedish in Delaware. We also noticed that immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean were brought by force in 1619. We observe from the data we gathered in the web source that among the British immigrants and settlers were indebtured servants willing to trade 4 to 7 years of unpaid labors for a 1(one) way ticket to the colonies and the so called promise land of America.
Thus,  their goals and targets were to "boost and jack up" their hierarchies strata status from "Second Class Citizens"  to become  a more higher hierarchies status,  which they are unable to reached  in their original place in the Kingdom Monarchy of  Great Britain;  This  is really  similar  with  the Lower Strata Level  of Society in the Hindu Culture in India  called "Paria",  where these group of people are automatically born to be the lower level class  citizen since they were not being born  as the Higher Brahma Strata in the Public Society.
As an outsider observer, I perceive that the Declaration of Independence, which is a statement adopted by the Second Continental Congress meeting at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 4, 1776 which announced war by the 13th American Colonies with the Kingdom of Great Britain, which regarded themselves as 13 Newly Independent Sovereign States, which are no longer under the British Rule, whereby they formed a New Nation called The United States of America. The important part of this Declaration is that " All men are created equal.     
The "Strong Popular Motto"  which we understand and is frequently heard is that "North America is a "Free Country", where any person can achieve their Goals and Targets to the Highest Level in the Society;  My understanding of this Declaration of Independence reflects Rebellion by the Immigrants and Settlers  in North America   against their Non - equal treatment politically, structurally  and legally. 
Well, folks these is part of  my story as a  Professional Blogger to write and share  perceptions and understandings of the World we are living, where at this present moment Europe experienced the Massive Immigration Waved coming from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and all part of the Middle East through Turkey Entry Point,  where we can observe, that there is a Huge Massive Change Happening  taking place in such Region,  due to the War Crisis,  involving their people who also seeks to find a better quality of life to be freed from the Established Monarchies and Repressive Ruling, where many Big Countries are also having a Big Role involved in this War Crisis, effecting the Oil Gas, Energy Energy Prices and Supply due to  Real Geopolitics Power Play.      
Jakarta, 12 May 2016
Agung Supomo Suleiman   


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