Monday, January 16, 2017


Hi Folks, without us being aware, with the Blessings of ALLAH the Creator of this World that we lived in, we are being permitted  to be still alive and can enter the New Year 2017. We really have to be thankful to our Creator ALLAH  that we are allowed to be still alive, which for sure must have some real significant reasons why ALLAH is still permitting us to be still alive in this Beautiful and wonderful world that we lived in. 
  • By being permitted to practice  in the professional life carrier as an Independent Business Lawyer (Self-Employed) by ALLAH, for more than 18 Years, since 1st of June 1998, which formerly was allowed by ALLAH  to experienced blended combinations as Company Man - In-house Legal Counsel for more than 17 Years, in the Law Firm of Adnan Buyung Nasution & Associates (Nasution Lubis Hadiptranto) 5 Years, Vico Indonesia (Huffco Indonesia) 5 Years, PT Freeport Indonesia Company 5 Years,  accumulative,   the Writer of this BLOG,  must  always continuously keeping reminding  himself, to always allocate part of  his  daily 24 Hours time to read the Holy Al Quran, at least  1(one) ayat, a day Insya ALLAH, so that Insya ALLAH with the permit of ALLAH, we are guided by the Creator ALLAH to be on the Right Straight Path as been shown by the Prophets, during their period, as recited in many Surah of the Holy Book Al Quran  
  • Yes as a Moslem believer (meaning surrender and worshiping only to ALLAH, the Only One Creator of this Live), we must force ourselves to seek Enlightenment from  the Creator of this Universe, by reading the Holy Book, particularly as a Independent Business Lawyer, where we are dealing with different of interpretation in implementing the Agreements involving Business Aspects between the parties involved in such Contractual Business Transactions 
    We have to always remember to put faith in our Heart (Qolbu), by filling our Qolbu with the Holy Words of ALLAH recited in the Holy Al Quran, which    was sent down by ALLAH  to ALLAH's Messengers called the Prophets or Rasul of ALLAH continuously; 
  • Praised be to ALLAH that, the Writer of this Blog  was permitted by ALLAH to practice his profession  as a Business Lawyer for more than 35 Years since the year around 1979, and the Writer of this Blog, keeps on focusing in practicing his Professional Carrier as an Independent Business Lawyer. With the Blessings of ALLAH, he is permitted to practice his Professional, by serving Clients in the Business Circles related to Natural Resources, which includes Copper, Oil, Gas, Mining Minerals, Iron, Gold, Coal, Iron, Limestone, Bentonite,  and recently assisting Client involved in the Drilling of Production Wells of Geothermal and Injection Wells.    
  • His motto in running his Professional Carrier,  is striving to develop  in Believing and  maintaining faith to ALLAH as the Creator of this World. You can imagine the Temperature Heat Decree being tapped and captured in  the Geothermal Production Wells can reach 270 Degree, which can boost turbine to generate electricity.  The potential magma from the earth can boiled the water which was sent down to the earth by the Creator of this World from the sky through the mechanism being vaporized by the Sun of the Sea Water and collected as Clouds, and poured down  to the earth, and  become hot steam  to be used for energy in many ways. 
  • If you are practicing as a Professional, are you practicing it in accordance with the guidance and enlightenment from the Holy Books ?   Do we practiced our Professional by suffering or disadvantaging or making loss to others ?   Those are some of the tough Questions that we have to answer to the Creator  of this live and the Creator of us human beings.  Of course for sure this "faith" issue is the element of "Faith" or we called it "Iman" in the Holy Book of Al Quran, where with the permit of ALLAH, if we seek the Truth Guidance from ALLAH, based on Allah's words we can be guided by ALLAH to build and develop our Faith in believing ALLAH as the Creator of this World  where we lived in until when the times comes to an end to each of us.       
Jakarta, 16 th January 2017
Agung Supomo Suleiman
Independent Business Lawyers  

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