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Saturday, November 14, 2015


It is really interesting and exciting  to be self - employed as an Independent Business Lawyer  for more than 17 Years since 1 June 1998, whereby with the help and permit of ALLAH, Agung  has managed to survive practicing as an Independent Business Lawyer in Indonesia. Most of  his work experiencing during this period includes assisting Business Clients in Indonesia, from the Legal Aspects,   who  are striving to survive as business corporation in      Indonesia, which consists among others Oil and Gas, General Mining Companies and Hotels,  as well as having a cooperation relation  with Management Consultant, whose Clients /Customers  needs Management and Services  Consultant Provider to help manage in running their business operations in Indonesia.
  • From his experience assisting Business Clients, we understand that the Management Consultant Services Provider,  are really trying hard with their best efforts  to assist Investors who needs back up funds as well as management and consultant services to start and operates their business ventures in Indonesia.  Since Agung is self-employed in the sense he is not employed by a Corporation but rather  striving to survive by providing business legal services to his  Clients, who agrees to enter into a certain Legal Services Agreement arrangements, with a reasonable fair legal fee within their budget, there will be an advantage and benefit  to the Clients who requires professional business legal support to protect and secure their business operations and interests;   
     The most exciting and enjoyble part of being an Independent Business Lawyer, is that, Agung can posses and maintain his freedomness  to elect his way of life in  performing professional legal services with more flexy time and flexy place, since  he is well equiped and supported by Lap Top and Computer with USB and Wifi in this digital Era; 
  • By being Independent self employed as an Independent Business Lawyer, Agung can really focus in conducting his professional legal services  which  includes among others  drafting Legal
Opinion, Legal Advices and Reviewing and Drafting Business Legal Agreements and business transactions from Letter of Intent (LOI), Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), making Action Plan, Drafting Business Contracts to support  his Clients in documenting their business transactions to support and smoothen their business needs, ventures and operations in Indonesia from the Legal Aspects; 
  • Sometimes smoothness of cash flows will be a real concern, for those who elects to be self-employed professional, as a way of developing your carrier; However, from his 17 Years of Self - Employed Experience  since 1 June 1998, he experienced that  if you really  focus on your goals  to be dedicated with your professional carrier, with the permit and help of ALLAH the All Mighty, and by constinuously, forcing yourself to listen and read the words of ALLAH in ALLAH's Book, where for us moslems, will be  the Holy Book of Al Quran -(you can listen to your Digital Al Quran),  there will  always be a way, from a  misterious direction,  which we did not formerly expect to be the source of cash in, which will solve  and fill in your cash flows,  from your day-to day, week to week, month to month, including year to year, life experience  journey, which actually and in fact can be felt by us that, the ultimate Source of Cash-in is from ALLAH the Merciful Graceful Creator of this Whole Entire Universe, who through ALLAH's  system had contacted  our Client's mind and heart to remember contacting the Writer of this Blog, as one of our Client's option to explore building relation particularly from the Legal Aspects involved  in our Clients business venture.
  • Jakarta, 14 th October 2015
  • Agung S.Suleiman        

Friday, April 04, 2014


If you are seeking Indonesian Oil Gas and General Mining Lawyers you can contact AgsS Law who is an Independent Business Lawyer experiencing as Business Lawyer  practioner in the Oil Gas and  General Mining Business in Indonesia for more than 30 Years. 

We are eager to assist you  in taping the legal aspects of the oil and gas and general mining business  operations in Indonesia.  If you happen to be venturing business in Indonesia you can easily contact him through his email or his Hand Phone : 081683067. If you are a Law Firm or Lawyer outside of Indonesia and  are eager to search for a Business Lawyer Correspondence in Indonesia, you may just contact Agung where he will be very happy to assist and develop a mutual  beneficial relationship with you.  
  • Indonesia is an open country for foreign Investors who are interested to seek business ventures and opportunities in Indonesia. The Indonesians are eager to enter into a mutual beneficial business cooperation with Foreign Investors who are interested to develop its business in Indonesia on a mutual understanding of cross culture between different backgrounds. We still need to learn more from the more advance countries how they can develop and grow to become more aware of the business skills and opportunities in several different area of expertise.                 
  In the Oil and Gas Industries as well as the General Mining Ventures in Indonesia, you may need to understand the back ground philosophy of how the most common Indonesian People are expecting to increase their life quality and standards from the revenue originating from the Natural Resources of Oil and Gas as well  the Hard Minerals founded and located in Indonesia. Beside Oil and Gas Exporters, Indonesia is now a Net Importer of Oil for its domestic use and consumption. Thus, the Government purchase the Product of  Oil  from Sellers outside  of Indonesia based on the market price and sell it to Pertamina as the State Owned Company to be sold to the people in Indonesia on a lower price by subsidizing the difference.

  • Relating to the Downstream business prospects,   we understand there are still  significant opportunities for establishing Refinery in Indonesia, however, before funding or putting their monies, Investors wants to firstly have assurances on the feed stock to be proccessed in such Refinery Plant as well as who will purchase the end product of the Crude Oil which are being processed to become  a product.

The Location of the Refinery Plant is also an  important element which had to be considered, which has to be near the Jetty for the Off-Taker to  off-take the Product. Tax Intensive shall  also be a significant element which needs to be  requested by the Investors and granted by the Government of Indonesia to the Refinery Investors.

  • A solid prospective business  plan must be made which  can demonstrates why this investment in the Refinery will work. Licenses for running and operating said Refinery Plant must also be explored to make sure that the legality documents and requirement are full filled and completed. Well, those are some few elements that I as a Business Lawyer wanted to high light to the viewers of this Blog.  
Agung S.Suleiman 
Jakarta, 4 April 2014 

Friday, November 01, 2013


This question is really challenging for professional who are eager to be a Professional Business Lawyer. In my self experience, I can capture the essence of being a Business Lawyer by opening my own shop in the Business Lawyer practice as a self employed Business Lawyer in the sense that we really experienced ourselves becoming a self employed Business Lawyer in the sense of having no fixed income for more than 16 years since 1 of June 1998.

  • It is quite an experience where there are no schools teaching us  how to be self - employed,  but to experienced yourself  by becoming someone who dare or is forced by a certain X factor to  jump from a certain fixed situation to become uncertain in terms of your cash flows income.  Your are more independent and flexible in terms of your time schedule, but as a consequence you do not have a certain fixed monthly income as you may enjoyed during your time when we are in the status of an employee have a fixed-monthly income. 
However, there are more wide opportunities that you can venture during your free unemployed status because once your are near the edge of not having enough sufficient cash flows, you are forced to seek and get out of your dreaming venture to face reality that you have to seek Clients or customers who are in need of your legal business expertise so that in return of  rendering your business legal services to your Client,  you are than  being paid an agreed certain legal fees for the legal business services that you have rendered to your Clients.
  • Thus, there is no other alternative and option than to emerge and pulled out your ability to seek and search Clients through your business networks to be able to generate legal fee revenue. But the Legal Fees are actually a By-Product, where we firstly have to seek Clients through our business networks  and provide them with our professional legal business services in a perfect, professional, timely, efficient way to meet our Clients high expectation in receiving our legal business support services to protect our Clients Business Interests, investment, and business operations in achieving their business targets and goals.   
There is no instant short cut results, but it needs courage, tough decisions, down to earth solutions to help your  Clients needs in achieving their business goals and targets, business plans in their ventures in Indonesia. You have to really learn from your falls and ups, smart learning process, and also by admitting your weakness so that you must learn, listen and observe from others who succeed and are able to  rise up after their falls and never give up to pursue your missions, visions  in actualizing your potential inner strength to contribute value added to your business society and community. 
  • You must established a certain character to differentiate your unique professional capability and maintain your business networks and links to expand and penetrate the market in exposing your professional capability  as a Business Lawyer. Before you can convince others you must firstly identify who your really are and what are your wants, needs, visions, goals, dreams, and down to earth reality facts that you can be an added value to your closest business society and community.  
So, we have to increase our awareness to become more smarter and learn from our mistakes, to overcome our own obstacles which had blocked our potential capability to develop and increase our self confidence and self esteem. Well, having said the above, this article is actually to strengthen my self to be more aware and conscious of what do we actually want to do to contribute benefits to others.
Jakarta, November 1, 2013 revised 24 June 1014
Agung S.Suleiman          

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Natural Resources Created By The Creator

If you are allowed by the AL  MIGHTY to stay ==>  in this World  for quite a while, at a certain stage of your life Cycle  you will  realize that your life journey also rotates similarly  as :
    • sun and and moon, day and night, 
    • hungry, eat, full stomach, hungry, start eating again, full stomach, 
    • you earn money, you spent your money, you are out of cash, start working  hard again, your earn money, you spent money  etc. 
    • ups and down 
    • like a merry go round; 
    • spinning around 
    If you happen to be a Muslim Believer, you can found this Rotation Fenomena  in the Holly Book        Al Quran, where it actually shows  the Sign of the Greatness, the Merciful of ALLAH the AL Mighty;

    • The Important and significant thing is that  you start realizing  that ALLAH The Al Mighty has created this World  with all the Natural Resources distributed and scattered around the world  ready to be searched, find out, explored, mining out  it out, exploited, developed, transported, stored and sell  for the benefit of all mankind.  
    • This process of Awareness of knowing our Creator : ALLAH is also following the ups and down rythm, where you have to maintain it on the up level by continously listening to the words of ALLAH  from the Al Quran and testing its reality in the Real World of your Real Day to day life;
    Well, my life experienced as a Business Lawyer makes me becoming interested in looking and observing the Nature of the Hard Minerals such : as Copper, Iron Ore, Gold, Diamond, Bentonite, and Hydro carbon (Oil and Gas); 

    • Gold is Valuable in its price ; 
    • Diamond is the strongest Minerals if you want to crush with other Minerals, which therefore is  being used in the Drilling Bit,  known among others as Diamond Shamrock  Drilling Bit,  where the price of such Diamond Drilling Bit is equal to 2( two) new Brand Mercedes Car
    • Benton  "cannot be melted down"  even in a very High Degree Temperature Plant and thus is used as to Shape other Minerals  in a High Boiling Temperature  Plant;        

    The ALL Mighty has granted the Indonesian Archipelago  with full of Natural Resources; 

    It is not human being who planted and created this Natural Resources regardless of their nationality; The human being are only being given Brain with  its built in Mind, capacity,  Soul, and Heart, instinct, willingness to search these Natural Resources by conducting General Survey, with Knowledge, Science,  and Capital Engineering, Infrastructure.

    • Further this Human Being has to explore these Natural Resources  by conducting Seismic line services  in several appointed Coordinates, by first clearing the Surface Land from trees or houses ; and than planting the dynamite to be blown, where the sounds are detected ind captured  in the Seismographic instruments which will than be shown in a graphic picture showing the prospective contents of what is in the structure below the ground.   
    If there are Mineral Resources determined to be commercial developed, these Human Being start developing  the production facilities from pipeline, station gathering, separation instruments to separate the  Oil from the water and sulfur if it is Hydrocarbon, and if it is Hard Minerals such as Coal to split the Coal from the Water, Sulfur, Ash; with the Technical Instruments developed by the Human Being using their Brain, and Mind; and develop the Coal Plant.

    As a Business Lawyer in reviewing the Mineral Contracts, Cooperation Agreement between the relaeant Parties, the  Sales Coal Contract,  we have to understand the Nature of this  Mineral Business in order to be able to accommodate the willingness and desires of  the Business Players /Investors who are your Client in giving legal advice and drafting or reviewing the Purchase Sales Coal Contracts or if you are requested to conduct Legal Due Diligence if your Client is interested to acquire share of the Company who is operating a Mining Activities either Coal, Iron Ore or Magnesium. 

    • It is really enjoying if you love your professional work and if you happen to search the real meaning of life and start questioning why are we dropped in this World and who had created these Huge World together with all what is contain  below  the Ground  which includes those Natural Resources which can really be useful to increase the Quality of Mankind. 
    • Well, these are my thoughts  this morning when I walked up from my bed and start writing what is in my mind in this Blog of mine;Cheers and Good Luck and success
    • Jakarta, April 17, 2011 Agung S.Suleiman 

    Thursday, May 27, 2010

    Shareholder Loan

    There are instances where a PT Limited Liability Company operating in Indonesia needs funds from its Shareholder. In this situation you as a Business Lawyer are being required to draft a  certain Shareholder Loan Agreement by your Client. If you are an In House Legal Counsel of such PT Company you may try to draft a first draft of such Shareholder Loan Agreement to be further reviewed by an Outside Lawyer. Click Here!

    If there are several shareholders in such PT Company, there must firstly be a Shareholders Meeting  called  by the Board of Directors for a meeting with the agenda to request the shareholders to give such Shareholders Loan to the PT Company, where Minutes of the General Shareholders Meeting will be the legal basis  for the  Shareholders and the PT Company to enter into a Shareholder Agreement. As we understand under the Indonesian Limited Liability Company Law, the PT and its respective Shareholders are being treated respectively as an independent Law Subject in front of the Law.   Thus if the shareholder agreed to provide such Shareholder Loan, such Shareholder who are providing such Shareholder Loan has the right to demand for the repayment of the Shareholder Loan against the PT Company. S corporation shareholder loans: a cautionary tale.: An article from: The Tax Adviser


    This Shareholder Loan has the level of subordinate Loan against Loan From a Bank made to such PT Limited Liability Company, meaning that if there is cash-in received by such PT from its business, the repayment has to be  firstly made by the PT  to the Bank and if there is remaining amount after being deducted for the operations of the PT Company such monies is allocated for the repayment to such Shareholder providing such Shareholder Loan to such PT Company.

    This repayment to the Shareholder is also made first before dividend are distributed to the Shareholders. This all depends upon the agreement between the shareholders of the PT Company and the Shareholder who is providing such Loan. It is really interesting for a Business Lawyer to draft this Shareholder Loan Agreement since there are legal aspects of Civil Law regulating loan, and  there are Corporation PT Law regulating the corporation aspects of such PT, which have to be observed by the Business Lawyer in drafting the Shareholder Loan Agreement.      

    Monday, May 24, 2010

    Loan Agreements

    If your Client needs some funds from a certain Financier, you may be requested to draft or review a Loan Agreement. In drafting this Loan Agreement there are several legal aspects that you have to draw your attention. You must know the amount of the Loan which your Client requires, the Disbursement of the Loan, and the Repayment of such Loan. In order to secure the Loan the Banks or Financier usually request a certain Independent Business Lawyer to conduct Legal Due Diligence to review several legal aspects that have to be observe to make sure that your Client is eligible to receive the Loan and will ask the purpose of your Client in requesting such Loan.      
    Besides Legal Due Diligence, there may also be conducted the Financial Due Diligence for the purpose to review the Business Financial aspect relating to your Client Business. Is the purpose of such Loan for expansion of your Clients Business ? What is the project cash flow projections of your Clients Business.Who is the target market of your Client ? What is the market  share of your Clients selling products. Is your Client conducting business in Manufacturing a certain product ? Or is your Client conducting General Mining Business Operations ?

    There are certain Bankers who looks at the reputation of your Clients Business. For instance if the Project is really feasible and your Client based on the Financial Records shows positive cash flows based on a certain Project that had been done by your Client, The Banker may trust your Client and provides a Project Financing arrangements, where the Banker is more focusing on the proven Cash in of the Projects in several projects that had been performed by you Client.   

    If your Client has not yet shown Projects being performed, the Bankers may request several Corporate Assets of your Client such as Buildings, Plants, Machines, Heavy Equipments  as collateral  to secure the repayment of the Loan. As a Business Lawyer you need to review all the Legal aspects including the title ownership of such Corporate Assets.

    The Bankers may also need to request some pledges upon the shares issued by your Clients Company. As  a Business Lawyer you need to review the Corporate Documents relating to the owner of the shares issued by your Clients Company.  Besides  reviewing the  Loan Agreements you may also need to draft or review  Collateral arrangements including the Fiduciary arrangements and probably may need to conduct checking with the Fiduciary Office relating the registering the Fiduciary Deeds.       

    Saturday, May 22, 2010

    Business Legal Exposures Beef Restaurant Franchise Arrangements

    In doing business you may be interested to enter into a business cooperation with another company who is mastering a certain business ventures that you are interested. For instances if you want to open a steak beef business Restaurant  you need to master all the conditions of the beef meat that you desire to serve in your Restaurant. You need to now the location of the place where your restaurant is going to be open. Is such place strategic or not. Are you intending to open a small or big Restaurant ? Where do you want to purchase such beef. Is it local beef or imported beef. 
    Click Here!

    If you feel that you want to use a famous beef Restaurant  that is already well known, you may be interested to enter into a Franchise Agreement with such well Known Beef Restaurant.  It really depends whether the owner of such well known brand is willing to allow you to use their brand in your Restaurant. If this is the case than you may need to observe the legal clauses under such Franchise Agreement. What are the rights that you have in using such well known brand, and what are the requirements that you need to comply as requested by the Owner name Brand  of such well Known Restaurant. It may be that the performance image of such Beef Restaurant including the conditions and cleanness of  your Restaurant must meet the standard  performance which is adopted by the Owner of the Well Known Beef Restaurant.

    The Hygene and quality of the Foods and services have to be in accordance with the standard quality of Food as determind by the Owner of the Well Known Beef Restaurant. In fulfilling such above quality and standards you may need to redecorate your table, sits, Bathrooms, table cloth as well as the cleanest and standard dress  used by the Person who provide and serve such Beef Steak to  the  Customers and guests of your Restaurant all to be in the cost of you alone.  

    The quality of the water may also be important to be observed. Who are the suppliers of the Beef Steak?. It may be that the Owner of the Brand will select the Supplier of such Beef Steak. The condition of the Kitchen as well as the Chef  may also be in accordance with the standard  requirements  as requested by the Owner of the well Known Beef Brand. Since this will be a Franchise arrangements there may be a certain Franchisee fee or Royalties that  you have to pay upfront to the Owner of the Franchise before they allow you to use their Beef Brand Restaurant.

    This all depends upon the circumstances  and conditions surrounding the business transaction between you and the Owner of the Beef Brand Restaurant Owner. Well those are some of the business aspects which  have to be jotted down under the Franchise Agreement between you and the Owner of the Well Known Beef Brand Restaurant resulting legal binding contractual arrangements between you and the Beef Brand Owner.   

    Business Lawyer Here We Come

    Yes, it is the time that you act and behave like a professional Business Lawyer. There is professional ethics and manner and proper knowledge that you have to honor if you want to start becoming a Business Lawyer. You must increase your awareness on the Corporate Culture of your Client and Customers. What the Business players need from you is your professional business legal know how to protect their Business interest.You have to be aware of the business climate and business opportunities that your Business Client's desires to achieve their goal. 

    You have to guide and give clear legal guidance to your Client on the various legal aspects surrounding the business operations of your Clients. What are the proper rules laws and policies that have to be observe  by your Clients in pursuing its business ventures.  If it relates to corporate matters you have to be sure that the proper corporation actions and approvals with the organization of your Business Client had been taken. The structure of protection in Indonesian manufacturing sector.(Report): An article from: ASEAN Economic Bulletin 

    Is your Clients desiring to enter and establish a new venture, or are they eager to participate into a cooperation  venture with other business players who are already operating their business operations in Indonesia.What is the nature of the business that your Clients desires to pursue. Are they also seeking some additional funds to expand their business ventures.Are they in the Hotel Business or are they in the oil and gas sectors. If they are eager to promote their products, what are the rulings relating to importing and distributing the products in Indonesia. 

    Are they interested to conduct Coal Mining Operations in Indonesia, or are they just trader who wants to purchase coal from Indonesia. Those are some of the business operations aspects that you as a Business Lawyer have to explore and dig from your prospective Clients.  It is really interesting to be a Business Lawyer. The issue is that whether you want to be an In house Legal in a Corporation who conducts operation in Indonesia or are you interested to be a Lawyer in a Law Firm or you would like to practice as a Business Lawyer on your own. This all depends upon the circumstances and situation of you as a Lawyer. If you just graduated from a University in Indonesia, you might as well work in a Law Firm or apply to be an In-house Legal Counsel in a Company operating in Indonesia.

    Everything needs learning and process of practicing your legal know how before you can become a professional Business Lawyer. This all depends upon your motivation and dreams in your life expectation and journey. Nothing is free in this world. So join the community of the Business Lawyer in Indonesia. Good Luck and success.



    Tuesday, May 18, 2010

    Building Your Brand Image

    In business it appears that one of the significant element to market yourself is establishing and building your Brand Image. This is what we frequently are told by the marketers. Well, in order to establish such brand image, you certainly have to elect and choose some specific brand element which could or may link you to your  products that you are selling. What are the products that you are selling ?  What are the specific element of the product or services that you are selling ?
    Is there any specific nature or brand that you may want your customers or your potential customers wants to remember about your products or services ? 

    Those above items may be some of the key words that you have to explore within your product or services that you are selling. In reality there is no magic or instant result which you may find. You have to work hard and be consistent with what you are desiring to sell to feed your self and your family. 

    I myself had been nearly 12 Years since June 1998 on my own selling the legal services to my Clienteles.  It is not that easy  to establish the brand image of the services that you are selling. Especially if you are on your own and not associated  or link to a well known links, you have to really strive hard to continue to survive in selling your legal services. There are times that you are wandering why are you not linked or associated with an already well known firm so that you can easily jack up your name in the Business Community in Indonesia.

    • Well, I really do not know the right answer or reason. It might be that you are not at the right time and the right moment. However, since I have been already nearly 12 Years being Independent as a Free Business Lawyer, I have really learn a lot how to survive during this 12 Years time of my independent Life. There is no such school of being Independent on your own but to really jump on the board and be independent, since each person or individual may have their own reasoning why he or she had elected the kind of life that he likes or desires. One of the independent experimental moves that I have experienced is by establishing this blog of mine, where I can independently write whatever life experience that you have followed and exercised during your life time in this world.             


    Friday, May 14, 2010

    Seeking Business Opportunities

    Is practicing Lawyer falls under Business Categories ? This question frequently appears in the mind of Lawyers who are practicing on their own. How can we maintain establishing our cash flows if we are running our own practicing Lawyer. Even though I have been practicing as a Business Lawyer for 12 Years since June 1998, we have to always learn the cash flow side of running this practicing Lawyer.

    Under the Indonesian Law system, as long as the Lawyer has obtained License to practice as a Practitioner Lawyer, such Lawyer may be entitled to provide Legal Services, on his own. Thus as long as the Individual Lawyer had obtained such License issued by Peradi (The Indonesian Advocate Association ) or Himpunan Konsultan Pasar Modal (The Indonesian Capital Market  Consultant Association),  such Lawyer has the legal right to practice lawyer. Such Lawyer may enter an arrangement with another Lawyer to jointly  establish a partnership or sort of a cooperation or practicing solo.
    The pricing of the legal services may be on a lump sum negotiated agreed price or may be based on hourly rate or time basis. These really depends on the situation and circumstances between such Lawyer and his/her Clientele. Based on the above circumstances I have managed myself to practice lawyer as a Business Lawyer for more almost 12 years. Having experiencing to be on my own for 12 Years is quite a long time. Most of my legal works are related to Construction, Financing, Oil and Gas, Coal Mining, General Mining, Hotels, Steel, Corporation covering drafting agreements, reviewing contracts, giving legal advices and legal opinions, legal due diligence.

    In practicing lawyer particularly as a Business Lawyer  we have to really enjoy in what we are doing, so that we are attached with our work. We have to explore the business venture of our Client and relates it to the legal aspects which we have to highlight and communicate it with our Client in a communicative and effective manner. Networking and keeping contacts with our contacts are significant. Legal Certainty is important to establish a conducive business climate.            

    Monday, October 13, 2008

    Business Lawyer

    As a business Lawyer you must have the skill and knowledge of drafting legal advice and legal opinion relating to the business of your Client.From my experiencing as an Independent Lawyer for more then 10 Years, I realize that we have to concentrate on a certain field of business that you are mastering and that types of Client that are being referred to you.

    Most of the Clients that are being forwarded to my firm, are Oil and Gas Contractors, Mining Companies, Coal Trader Companies who intend to purchase coal but at the same time is willing to financing the Coal Mining License owner who needs some financing back up to support their infrastructure such as their Coal Plan Facilities, in order to produce their Coal products.

    Occasionally I had also been requested to assist Hotels who wishes to enter into a Management Agreement with other Hotel who has international interchange contacts, which includes the Technical Assistance Agreements.

    During my previous experience of Lawyering, I was also experiencing drafting Financing arrangements such as Loan Agreements including its collaterals agreements, which involve the financing of Vessels operations and Aircraft Operations.

    Thus, it was really quite a wide range of experience, and when I was in the Oil and Gas Lawyer as in-house Lawyers, I usually handle explorations and productions sides of the operations, in which we are also requested by the end-users to assist them in reviewing and drafting the Vessels Charter Agreement as well as the Helicopter Agreements.

    Since I was frequently involve in the Vessel and Aircraft business operations, which includes from the registration of the flags and nationality and numbers of the Vessel and the Aircraft in the respective Directorate General Office, which for Vessels are in the Directorate General of Sea Communications and the Aircraft with the Directorate General Of Air Communication, it really helps me, conducting such supporting activities which are needed in the Oil and Gas Operations as well as in the General Mining Operations.

    On the upfront side within the Oil and gas Operations, we as Lawyers are requested to advise on the Production Sharing Contracts Agreements (PSC), starting from reviewing and advising the management upon the meanings or interpretation of such PSC.

    We are also frequently requested to contact the Directorate of Oil and Gas, which is now the Directorate of Mineral and Energy, to discuss about issues which needs some clarifications. When I was experiencing as In House Legal Counsel in the Mining Copper Contractor, we also were usually requested to make contacts with the Legal Bureau of Legal Divisions within the Directorate General Of General Mining, to obtain or clarify certain significant informations relating to the COW (Contract of Work) as well as the rules and regulations relating to the General Mining Activities.

    Based on the above range of experience, as a business lawyer I am attached and is most interested in the progress and development of the legal aspects occurring in Indonesia, in particular related to the Oil and Gas, General Mining Operations, Coal Mining and other related legal aspects surroundings such operations activities. Jakarta, October 13 , 2008

    Agung Supomo Suleiman

    Partner of the Law Firm of Suleiman Agung & Co

    Email :

    Mobile Phone : 0816830647

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