Wednesday, May 27, 2009


  • Today is the 27th May 2009. It is near to the 1st June 2009 which is nearly 11 Years since June 1, 1998 where I had started to open the Law Firm which is now called Suleiman Agung & Co. This Law Firm Suleiman Agung & Co had been operated nearly 11 Years.
There are sacrifices financially, mentally, emotionally in running this Law Firm.We have experienced handling international and local Indonesia Companies.Several problems of cash flows are normal since certain local Clients are also striving with their business financial problems.Thanks to GOD the ALL MIGHTY, we managed to cop with our cash flows. This Law Firm of Suleiman Agung & Co is an aggressive Boutique Law Firm where, who knows how to assist Clients in handling with their legal aspects to guard their investments
  • I am really lucky and thanks to GOD as the Founder and Partner of this Law Firm Suleiman Agung & Co I had experienced practicing as Business Lawyer for 5 Years as in House Legal Counsel in one of the Biggest Copper Mining called PT Freeport Indonesia who also produces gold, 5 Years as in House Legal Counsel in Vico and Oil Gas Company operating in East Kalimantan,who produces gas, processed as LNG (Liquidated Natural Gas) in Bontang to be exported to Japan, 5 Years in a reputable Law Firm Adnan Buyung Nasution & Associates ( Nasution,Lubis, Hadiputranto) and 2 Years as Partner (with 15 % to 20% share in the Law Office of Delma Yuzar & Wiriadinata ( Wiriadinata & Widyawan) who was having association with Australian Law Offices and USA Law Offices. Having the above assets and experienced it benefits you as a Partner in capturing the business mind of our Clients who seeks to succeed in their venture.
Networking is the key to success.You have to always maintain and increase your network for success. With the help and permit of the ALL MIGHTY you can gain success by being professional, honest and sincere.
Jakarta, May 27, 2009 revised June 17 2009
  • Agung Supomo Suleiman

Monday, May 11, 2009

Link between Business and Spiritual

  • Its already 11th May 2009
  • Times goes so fast, business keeps on moving
  • its been nearly 11 Years since June 1, 1998 that I opened my law office which is now called Suleiman Agung & Co.
  • This firm had several times changes its Partners as well as lawyers
  • 11 Years in not a short period of time since my former working experienced at Law Firm Adnan Buyung Nasution & Associates ( Nasution, Lubis, Hadiputranto) for 5 Years ( 1980 - 1985), as In-House Legal Counsel for 5 Years ( 1985-1990) at Huffco Indonesia -VICO Indonesia ( Oil /Gas Company operating in East Kalimantan Indonesia, Partner at Delma Yuzar & Wiriadinata ( 2 Years 1991-1992),Legal Counsel for 5 Years ( 1993-1998) at PT Freeport Indonesia Company, and June 1, 1998 opening or as Founder of Law Firm Suleiman & Rekan which is now called Suleiman Agung & Co.
  • By experiencing in running this Law Firm for nearly 11 Years, I have learned lots of things especially how to be prepared mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, spritually in handlng cash in and cash out flows problem in running this Law Firm now called Suleiman Agung & Co
  • Its is really not easy to survive running your own Law Firm
  • You have to be tough, and patient, and you have to find the perfect strategy to market yourself.
  • For me myself I tried to expose this firm and myself as the Founder and Partner by opening several Blogs such as this BLOG.
  • I also had published articles in ALLVOICES GLOBAL MEDIA
  • Well as part of the inhabitants in this wide global world, we have to try to establish communication and networks
  • I have also created my AGUNGSS Spiritual Blogs which I also link it to ET HEALING COMMUNITY
  • Quentions may arise: Why am I linking these Spiritual Blog and my Business Lawyers Note Blig, is because, by my life experience, you cannot separate your Business Life and your Spiritual life.
  • My experience concludes that this world including the business activities does not just "pop up out of the blue" and creates by itself, but there must be a GREAT POWERFUL CREATOR who had created this Universe, including the world where we live in, where there are lots of Natural Resources such as Oil,Gas,Coal, Nickel,Iron, and Plants, Air that we breath to live, water that we drink which keeps us alive, which are all not "just popping up by accident", but these significant element, must have been created intentionally by the GREAT CREATOR though a very well planned and designed blue print.
  • The signs of the Greatness of this GREAT CREATOR are "this live itself", the circulation of night and day, rotation of the Sun, the moon, bright and night, which creates life cycle and biorhythm clock cycles.
  • The power of every nation is being rotated and circulated, are part of the demonstration of signs shown by the GREAT CREATOR.
  • If a Nation gets so Powerful, this Nation is really being tested by the ALL MIGHTY whether such Nation is arrogant or thankful to the ALL MIGHTY
  • Wealth, Power, prosperity, poorness, powerless,
  • You can found the stories of this previous great NATION such as the King called Firaun or Farouh in Egypt, where Moses was being sent down to this Nation, was to remind this Nation, to come back to the Right Track, which are recited in the Holy Books which were sent down by The Creator through The Creator's Messenger, for instance for me as a Muslim you can found such stories, in the Holy Quran, where life cycles including the Universe and the Planets are all rotating, which really shows the Greatness Creation by the CREATOR for those who wants to learn and use their brains.
  • In Business community, where Wealth and Capital accumulation occurs, resulting Economical Power, if you loose contact or link with the Creator, as the Owner of this Universe and life, you will for sure you will end-up being selfish, and and became a greedy monster.
  • Well, this can be seen in the real world, where in order to maintain the continuity of your Power, such Nation will try to occupy and control the elements which are needed to maintain their power such as OIL and GAS, which is really needed to fuel the Industry, Airplanes, and other icon without regarding ethics and moral.
  • Well, having said the above, I just wanted to remind myself and hopefully the readers to keep on maintaining in the right track and road as shown in the 1st Surah Alfatihah of the Holy Quran, where God had stated : that GOD is the King of the Day After, where we have to worship GOD and pray and ask GOD to show us the Right Path which is the Path that had been shown by GOD to those that received God's Grace.
  • Well, folks this is all what I would like to share
  • Jakarta, Indonesia May 11, 2009
  • Agung Supomo Suleiman

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Business Match Makers

  • sometimes you feel desperate
  • You feel that you are stuck and tired
  • you need some time to think
  • For sure you need rest meaning take a sleep, really taking a deep sleep and rest your body and mind
  • Sleeping is very important, that is what I have experienced when you are stuck and don't know what to do
  • after taking such deep sleep, I feel like wanting to write again
  • here I am back in front of my lap top writing in my blog called My Experimental Blog
  • Yesterday, I have tried to make contacts between my Client who needs some funds for his business and a consultant strategy who is used to find investors or source of funds
  • In the discussion that was held, it appears that such consultant are focusing in health, education and media
  • from what I have observed, what this Consultant is focusing is on the human resources development in particular training the nurses including English language
  • What my Client, was actually seeking is funds needed to stretch its Credit Lines and purchasing of new equipments for my Client's Hospital.
  • We were escorted by the marketing staff of my client to make a tour on the hospital
  • It was really interesting tour so that you can get the glance overview of the hospital.
  • I am actually a business Lawyer, but yesterday I am trying to "meet-match" My Client's desires of trying to raise funds with a prospect party who could raise such funds.
  • Well, as we can see business activities are always trying to seek new opportunities for their respective business expansions, desires and needs.
  • We can sometimes makes our selves in the position as "match makers".
  • Networking, is the significant element keys
  • if you are in business environment, business networking is what you have to create and establish.
  • From a certain angle, me as a business lawyer, is also trying to seek opportunities how to make the people and parties in the business community meet each other, so that it will create new business opportunities, where if they had reach some common understanding then their business transaction shall be formulated in a business document among others business legal contracts, where the lawyers than shall enter into the screen to prepare their business transactions.
  • Well, folks the above are some real pragmatical day to day approach where you may also face and experience in your day to day life.
Jakarta , Saturday May 2, 2009 AGUNG SUPOMO SULEIMAN ALSO PUBLISHED In ALLVOICES GLOBAL MEDIA Partner Law Firm Suleiman Agung & Co BUSINESS LAWYER Jakarta, Indonesia, April 30, 2009

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