Sunday, January 30, 2011

Back to the Oil and Coal Business Contracts

Yes, for these recent months as of September 2010, we are  busy again in the Oil and Gas Operations in Indonesia as Corporate Legal Counsel based on a Retainer  Legal Arrangement between Holding Company of the Oil and Gas Company and our firm SACO LAW FIRM. It is really amazing that after all these years of being Independent as a Business Lawyer  who is specializing in Oil and Gas and Coal Mining Legal Works, we are back again working and doing legal works in the Oil and Gas Industries. 

The most interesting part is that besides being Seconded in the Holding Company of an Oil Company in Indonesia we are also busy doing Coal Trading Contracts and all the associated agreements such as Coal Sale Agreements and preparing the necessary cooperation agreements relating to Coal Mining Business activities in Indonesia. Life is really exiting. You have to be focus or you maybe  geared by your life destiny to be focused in a certain item of business activities which for me is engaged as Business Lawyer in the Oil Gas and Mining Industries in Indonesia including Coal Mining activities. 

We have meetings with our contacts who are pursuing to seek Coal Product for their Buyers in China. for their Plants. Delivery and Supply guarantee are significant including the Quality and Specifications of the Coal Product.   

There are the Big Boys in the Coal Sectors but there are also the medium size, where usually they start from trading, financing the Mining Owners with Financing and it could then develop into Investing in the Mining Concessions in Indonesia, which of course needs some capital.

Our Law Firm SACO LAW FIRM  is now having association with PT JME  where we are busy in seeking networks in the Coal Mining Sectors which could provide us Coal Product where we shall sell them to our Foreign Contacts. This is really quite an exiting venture, since JME are Indonesian Company consisting of Indonesian Professionals who are in the Oil and Gas and in the Coal Mining Professionals and players in Indonesia. 

It happens that the Founder of this JME is my former Boss when I was working as the Legal Counsel in Huffco Indonesia (Vico Indonesia), and Oil and Gas Company producting LNG being processed in the LNG Plant Refinery at Bontang  together with Unocal, Total,   where I was reporting directly  to my Boss who was the Vice President Exploration & Production of Hufco Indonesia. So my working surroundings are frequently from the Oil &  Gas Sectors and now includes Coal Trading and Mining Sectors, where based on my experience in the Miining Sector I was 5 Years working as Legal Counsel in PT Freeport Indonesia, and as Law Firm I was assting Noble Coal for 3 Years starting from trading and financing develop becoming investing in the Coal Mining in Indonesia now called PT Pinang Coal.   
Thus I can feel that life journey  is like a Life Cycle, where you are moving towards a destiny trying to be useful to others and focused on certain professionalism and focused on certain Business Field  which for me is in the Oil and Gas Sectors and in the Mining Sectors. The Contract activities could range from drafting MOU, Letter of Intent, Joint Ventures, Joint Operations, up to Financing and Construction of the Plant and Production Facilities and up to the Sales of the Products.          

It sounds really exiting. There is no age for learning and doing new ventures, because you are just one part and member of a Team Work, consisting of different ages  and expertise, which also needs Vehicle Company to accommodate such Team Work Members.
Jakarta 30 January 2011 Sunday 
Agung S.Suleiman   

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Drilling Rig
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