Saturday, November 29, 2008

Enjoy Drafting Commercial Contracts

  • Drafting Business Commercial agreements
  • Well as a Business Lawyer it is really interesting in drafting and preparing agreements for your Clients.
  • The interesting part of drafting for me as a Business Corporate Lawyer, is because I really love and enjoy experimenting making clauses and provisions which is actually, the art of accommodating our Clients wants to protect their business interests since every pennies of their monies are really worth to be protected in order to maintain the continuity of their business operations.
  • From my experience in assisting our Clients, I understand that they are really rich with new ideas to develop their business.
  • It appears that they never are asleep and are always waiting for new ventures and ideas in setting up and growing their business.
  • It makes us always being inspired by our Business Clients, since they are always seeking for new ventures and opportunities.
  • We as business lawyers have to be smart and must always maintain and enriched ourselves with alternatives ideas and ways to accommodate our Client wants and needs.
  • Why am I really interested in helping our business clients ideas, is because if we can develop in making an agreement which could accommodate their wants in entering into an arrangement with their co investors or counterpart , this will result a ground for our Clients to visualize their business wants and visions, through a proposal written agreement with their co partners or business counter part, which will than be responded by their co partner or co business counter part to incorporate their counter business ideas.
  • These will be followed by several meetings and negotiations between the relevant parties, which will involved the management, technical, commercial, tax, lawyer and other related professions.
  • Accordingly, under a certain cooperation agreement relating to certain business ventures, we usually have to be aware of the commercial aspects, the respective technical aspects, business legal aspects and other relevant aspects.
  • The most important thing that you as a Commercial Lawyer has to do is to really to understand what your Clients wants, wishes and visions.
  • Thus you have to capture and really capture their business visions and goals.
  • Once you have digest their wants and visions, we as Corporate Lawyers will than have to make our best efforts to translate their vision, wishes and wants through the legal agreements that you drafting, in order to assist your Clients wants.
  • if at the end of the day, such negotiated Commercial Agreements are signed on the closing and signing date, this will be the embryo of the new venture which will results new jobs and opportunities and will absorb many workers and professions engaged in such new established ventures and thus with the help of the ALL Mighty, this new venture, may feed many families, kids of such involved people, and makes the lives cycles continue in moving its part;
  • As a Corporate lawyer the above tasks are really very challenging jobs for us.
  • It makes us as Corporate Lawyers really feel alive, maybe it is comparable or the same as painters, who likes to paint, what they captured from their perspective and translate into paintings on their canvas with their paint brush, or photographers or film makers, who can professionally capture this life cycles with their photograph instruments.
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