Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Practitioner Business Lawyer

  • Yes, I really realize that from the progress of my writing in this Blog it helps me to identify who I am as a profession.
  • I am a practitioner Business Lawyer
  • Why is that so?
  • Because most of my time for this 10 1/2 years I am really practicing myself as a Business Lawyer.
  • By experiencing in assisting the business and entrepreneur in their work, I became more aware that honesty and truth worthiness is the key words of conducting continuous sustainable business ventures.
  • Each party in a contractual transactions has to make their best efforts in getting the best deal they could reached in a certain given time by reaching and closing a deal which will create jobs opportunity for many professions and persons.
  • Each party are given their chances to view from several angles and perspectives before they reached a mutually agreed transactions.
  • Nothing in this world is perfect.
  • Having the same given time by nature, each party are bound to accept the best terms and conditions which they can reach to sign the deal.
  • There are always risks in entering into a contractual arrangements between the parties.
  • But by making the right decisions after viewing all the given possibilities at a certain given time, the management has to succeed in taking and making the right decisions after getting all the necessary inputs from several aspects and angles.
  • It is better to make a decision compared to an attitude of being afraid of making the necessary corporate actions.
  • We as professional business lawyers are really expected to make our best firm legal decisions and legal advices as well as legal steps which are necessary to be taken, in a certain given time, since "time is in the essence" for businessmen in making their business management decisions.
  • To enable such Business Lawyers to make such moves, such Lawyer has to be backed up with knowledge, experience, skills and positive attitudes as well as "mental bravery" to make the necessary legal actions to support the management in pursuing their goals and achievements for the benefits of all the stakeholders.
  • Well, having said the above, let us from this very moment "start" acting and performing ourselves to be a smart business lawyer, which will benefit, the business venture to start its business operations, by giving them the proper and timely legal advices, to maximize their benefits, to their surrounding community as a whole.
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