Friday, December 12, 2008

Global Recessions At the Ending of 2008

  • Well it is near the end of Year 2008
  • It is already the 12Th of December 2008
  • I have just deliver my legal service tasks to my Client.
  • Wauw, interesting isn't, in closing this Year of 2008, I really have to thank GOD for His kindness in giving us the opportunities to still be strong and healthy which enable us to provide our legal works to our Clients, which hopefully will benefit the surroundings and stockholders of our Client.
  • It is really interesting because your Clients appears to be always experimenting new ventures which really inspired us as Business Lawyers how to behave and react in facing the global recession which are occurring in this world.
  • One of the issue which pop up is whether this global recession is caused by "Reasons beyond our control or Acts of God or whether it is caused by human error.
  • We have to draw the line between these two causes.
  • What is also interesting is that this Global Recessions started from the Country where "Free market" control the business.
  • However, Governments Involvements and Bail Outs or Financing Interventions by the Government are being called to assist this 3 Major Auto Companies which according to CNN are facing "real financial problems".
  • So the Big Questions, which arise, is " whether Free Market" still applies ?
  • It also appears that the pride of a Nation is at stake, since the 3 Major Car Companies are requesting to be assisted by the Government to avoid bankruptcy.
  • The whole world are watching closely to the outcome and results of such dilemma situation
  • 3 Generations working in such Car Companies are at stack and are interviewed in CNN.
  • It appears, from the news in CNN today that The Senate has turned down such bail out request.
  • According to CNN, this will effect the shares price on this Friday morning in USA.
  • In Indonesia we have experienced Economy Crisis since Year 1998, 10 Years ago, where Indonesia managed to survive.
  • And now at the end of 2008 Indonesia may be affected by the Global Recessions emerging from USA.
  • This Global Recessions had affected many Regions in this World including our neighbour countries.
  • Unemployment will increase.
  • For me myself, I have started being independent by opening my own Law Firm starting from June 1st in the Year of 1998, when Recessions hits Indonesia which started from Thailand.
  • Thus, I am among many of the Indonesians who experienced in trying really hard to cope and manage ourselves to keep on surviving during this Economic Recessions.
  • We hope that we can all survive and take lessons from our 10 Years of experience since the First Economic Recessions hits Indonesia in 1998 in this coming 2nd Economic Recessions.

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