Saturday, November 28, 2009

Independent Business Lawyer

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You never can tell what kind of  business legal works will you be doing if you are on your own. If you are working as in-house Lawyer your legal work can be detected and be predicted which shall be within the surroundings of the business field of company that you are working. But if  you are Business Lawyer  on your own you cannot predict and expect what kind of  business legal works that you are doing.

You will be experiencing several Independent Business Legal Works which may range from preparing  MOU or Letter of Intent, or conducting Legal Due Diligence or drafting a complex agreements such  as Shareholders Loan Agreement, and other related business legal transactions.  It could be just  a meeting with your prospective Clients, which will tell you stories about their current business ventures and experiences including their stories and venture of  still trying to seek business ventures. The Prospective Clients who will contact you or who you contact may also be unpredictable.

They can be your former Clients who had experienced the Legal Services that you have once rendered. It may be Clients that you have contacted and asked whether they needed  any Legal Assistance in their business. There are even times that you do not have any legal services to do. The cash in  of your Firm  depends on the Legal Fess for the Legal Services  you are providing, which  may also unpredictable. 

Accordingly, if  you are on your own as an Independent Business Lawyer you may also have an uncertain cash flow,  where the cash-in really depends upon the condition of the Load work in your Legal Law  Firm. The size of your Legal Firm may also be different with the size of the other Law Firms. This really depends upon when you started establishing your Legal Law Firm . The  motivation, background  and circumstances of the Founder or Partner of such Law Firm may differ from one to the other shall influence such Firm.

For myself  as a Business Lawyer, the reason and background was because I wanted to be  more independent and have freedom in  shaping and  establishing my life style. Since my specialty happens to be shaped as a business Lawyer either as In-House lawyer and Legal Consultant or Partner in a Law Firm, the Vehicle that I have in mind, to accommodate my need back to  1st June 1998  was  establishing such "independent Vehicle" which is establishing and running an Independent Business Law Firm.

Accordingly, if I elect the life style more of an independent type, I had elected to use an Independent  Business Law Firm as a Vehicle to accommodate my independence. Besides  being  a Partner and Founder of the Law Firm of Suleiman Agung & Co for more than 11  1/2 Years since 1st  June 1998 , when I left being as In-House Legal Counsel of PT Freeport Indonesia Company (one of the biggest Copper Mining Company who operates in Irian Jaya Indonesia), I also enjoyed writing  about my life experiences related to my profession as a Business Lawyer  and also experiences about travel, spiritual and experimental movements.

I had also recently joined  Squidoo and Hubpages community,  who like to write  and  hopefully can also gain  some earnings from such Blogs which are being  linked  with Google Adsense, Ebay, Amazon and other affiliates and advertisement,  where we elect to be Publisher.


Revised 27th November 2009

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