Saturday, February 21, 2009


  • Yes, we have to be optimist
  • we must not be pessimist
  • the world depends on our view of thinking
  • we must not be unsure with our selves
  • even though our cash flow is critical it does not mean that we have to give up
  • don't through your towel in the ringside
  • we must face the reality in life
  • the global crisis is hitting many countries
  • the ups and downs in this life cycle including the cash flow of your organization/vehicle device is normal
  • even a big country like the USA is suffering Economic Crisis
  • there was a stimulus package of around USD 78o billion that was being injected to stimulate its cash flows
  • what is astonishing is that a country like Japan was also hit by the global crisis
  • I saw on TV in CNN there were a long line of unemployed person who are in line to get ticket for food within this 2 months, since Japan depends heavily its revenue from its exports
  • since the purchasing power of the people in many countries were badly hit, there are many employees and workers that have to be laid off
  • even big news papers are facing financial problems
  • the big issue is than how must we react on this kind of global crisis situation
  • I believe that we have to optimist
  • if we are optimist and positive with our selves than at least we can control our mind and body
  • your business vehicle or organization regardless of the size, is operated by a human being
  • thus this human being which happens to be you as the operator of such vehicle or device must have a good and positive attitude
  • we must not be quitter
  • we must not be losers
  • we have to be rich with ideas and positive ideas
  • as long as we are alive there are plenty of energies that lies within our self which were being built in by the Creator in our soul and body and mind
  • we must not surrender
  • yes, we must face the reality
  • reality means among others that your real cash flow has to continue
  • you need air to breath
  • you need water to live
  • you need motivation and purpose to continue your live
  • as long as we are still given breath by the All Mighty, it means that there is still hope for us to survive and leave
  • thus we have to consolidate our selves to keep on moving
  • the significant point is that you have to manage your mind, body soul and spirit
  • Keep you spirit high
  • the continuity of this vehicle/organization driven by you depends on your high spirit and willingness to survive
  • Don't look at others but look at your self
  • the spirit and motivitaion lies within yourself
  • you have to really focus and seek within your inner power
  • which lies within your self
  • Cheers

Saturday, February 21, 2009 revised Saturday Feb 28, 2009


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