Saturday, May 02, 2009

Business Match Makers

  • sometimes you feel desperate
  • You feel that you are stuck and tired
  • you need some time to think
  • For sure you need rest meaning take a sleep, really taking a deep sleep and rest your body and mind
  • Sleeping is very important, that is what I have experienced when you are stuck and don't know what to do
  • after taking such deep sleep, I feel like wanting to write again
  • here I am back in front of my lap top writing in my blog called My Experimental Blog
  • Yesterday, I have tried to make contacts between my Client who needs some funds for his business and a consultant strategy who is used to find investors or source of funds
  • In the discussion that was held, it appears that such consultant are focusing in health, education and media
  • from what I have observed, what this Consultant is focusing is on the human resources development in particular training the nurses including English language
  • What my Client, was actually seeking is funds needed to stretch its Credit Lines and purchasing of new equipments for my Client's Hospital.
  • We were escorted by the marketing staff of my client to make a tour on the hospital
  • It was really interesting tour so that you can get the glance overview of the hospital.
  • I am actually a business Lawyer, but yesterday I am trying to "meet-match" My Client's desires of trying to raise funds with a prospect party who could raise such funds.
  • Well, as we can see business activities are always trying to seek new opportunities for their respective business expansions, desires and needs.
  • We can sometimes makes our selves in the position as "match makers".
  • Networking, is the significant element keys
  • if you are in business environment, business networking is what you have to create and establish.
  • From a certain angle, me as a business lawyer, is also trying to seek opportunities how to make the people and parties in the business community meet each other, so that it will create new business opportunities, where if they had reach some common understanding then their business transaction shall be formulated in a business document among others business legal contracts, where the lawyers than shall enter into the screen to prepare their business transactions.
  • Well, folks the above are some real pragmatical day to day approach where you may also face and experience in your day to day life.
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