Monday, June 29, 2009

Drafting Finance and Corporate Documents

  • We have to thank to the ALL MIGHTY, last week, as a Business Lawyer, we were really busy in assisting the Law Firm of Suleiman Agung & Co' s Clients.
  • It was really interesting, because with our wide experiences in drafting finance agreements including corporate documents related to their business matters, we really enjoyed the challenges of drafting such business transactions to support and benefit your Client’s desires in exploring all the legal protection for their investments and funds for maintaining the continuity of their business goals and objectives.
  • The level of comfort and confidence that you can establish to your Client is really important in maintaining your relation with your Client.
  • One of the significant element besides such work is the “miracle” that you feel can happen in your life, if you really try with your best efforts to keep on maintaining your closeness contacts and channels of communication with the ALL Mighty, who at the first place, had created this Universe, including any and all the elements contain in this world, which shall enable the human to be able to increase their quality of life.
  • For instance the element of steel and iron (fe) had been planted as one of the significant element in this earth, which really helps the people living in this world to increase their quality of life, if they want to use their brain and skill.
  • In the structural construction of high rise buildings, you will need the iron bar to establish the concrete and structure of such high rise buildings.
  • This raw materials of steel and iron is not created by mankind, but is already there incorporated and planted in the earth that we live in, as part of the materials found in this world.
  • As a believer in GOD, as the creator of this Universe including the world that you live in, we have to be creative in taking and processing such iron and steel to create for instance iron bars, flat bars and angle bars for the constructing of high rise buildings.
  • Other materials such as copper are also important part of the elements contained in this world, which can be utilized by mankind to make joints of electricity components and other important tools which are needed to support our day to day modern life.
  • We really have to thank GOD the ALL MIGHTY who provided us brain and mind so that we can optimize our skills in developing such elements of iron, metal, copper for the benefit and good welfare of mankind.
  • We as Business Lawyers must equipped ourselves, with the legal business knowledge and skills to enable us in drafting the required business legal documents such as the Financing documents, Credit Revolving Agreement, Shareholders Loan Agreements and the corporate documents such as the Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting, the Share holder Agreement, the Joint Venture Agreement, to support our Client’s Business need in communicating and incorporating their wishes and desires in producing the components of metal, copper and iron, nickel for the benefit of mankind, to make this world a better place for living;
  • The above has to be in line with the desires of the Great Creator of this Universe to maintain good welfare and increase the benefit of all human beings living in this same 1(one) world.
  • By thanking to GOD for the gracefulness and Kindness to us in equipping us with the Brain and minds in the mining, exploiting the raw elements of steel, iron, metal, nickle to develop and produce them to become iron bars, electricity component, and the skills for the Business Lawyer to draft and prepare all the necessary business documents including the Mining Contracts, Financing Contracts and the necessary Corporate documents, we shall hope that we may be useful to increase the quality life of mankind and make this world a better place to live in.
  • Jakarta, June 29, 2009
  • Agung Supomo Suleiman
  • Partner of LAW FIRM Suleiman Agung & Co

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