Monday, August 31, 2009

Honest Integrity

  • As a Lawyer including Business lawyer you are required to keep and always maintain your honest integrity.
  • In this Holy Fasting Month, as a Muslim (one who surrenders to God's will) , we are being required by the Creator to conduct fasting for 30 days.
  • As a professional lawyer, we have to do with our best to be honest to ourselves by trying to clean our hearts and our mind.
  • In order to clean your surroundings, you are supposed to firstly clean your intention and your mind set.
  • As a human being we are frequently sidetracked by our physical wants and greediness in this real world
  • Human being consists of physical element (our body) and non - physical element ( mind -soul).
  • Our physical body during this Fasting months is being trained to managed itself by waking up in the early dawn before the Subuh Prayer, to “take food” and is obligated to fast –stop eating – taking food - during the day time - and is allowed to “break Fasting” during the Sunset – Magrib.
  • As Muslims – the Servants Of Our Creator - we are being trained to feed our Soul by – not doing things which could –jeopardize – our fast- by not talking bad -evil things- looking at bad -evil things – thinking of bad thinks – praising and always thinking of GOD – and do the goodly things and actions – which are loved by GOD- to increase our awareness of "our real mission" - being created in this world by the ALL MIGHTY.
  • This is a method to clean and purify our mind and soul – as being taught by our Creator.
  • Well, as a Lawyer, we really have to be thankful, to our Creator, because we are given the chance every - 11 months cycle - to contemplate – and re-evaluate ourselves – to remind and trained our selves to be focus and return back to our mission – to be honest to our selves before we can advise others – to do the right things – in accordance with the laws and rules - which has to be in line with God's will and God's wants as described in the Holy Books sent down by the Creator to us through God's messengers/Prophets .
  • This does not merely apply to lawyers - but also to other professions – to focus on its real mission – in making this world a better place for living – in accordance with the life rhythm and cycles – as being designed by the Creator
  • As human being we have to recognize – and identify - who we are, develop our awareness – and know the real reason and mission – why we live and die – because – based on Surat 21 – Al Anbiyaa ( The Prophets ) Paragraph 35 – of the Holy Book Al Quran - GOD says : “Every Soul shall taste death. We (God) shall test you with (Note : my interpretation : evils/ negative/downs/happy things ) and ( Note: my interpretation :good deeds /positive/ ups/sad things) as trial. And to Us (GOD) shall you be returned to.
  • Salam,
  • Jakarta, 31 August 2009
  • Agung Supomo Suleiman

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