Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Exiting Experience as a Business Lawyer

As a business Lawyer you have to really think hard how to market and expose your self. For me since I like writing, I tend to expose my self by writing in my Blog which is called AGUNGSS Business Lawyer Note. In this Blog I can write the Business Law Experience which I had experienced during this 30 Years since I practiced Law at the Law Firm of Adnan Buyung Nasution & Associates back to the year 1979. Wauw I was still young during that time of period. But it is really exiting working as a Business Lawyer where I had helped my Senior Lawyers during those period by starting making researches upon the Law data and policy obtained from the Technical Department concern, as well as starting to draft agreements and letters from the legal aspects.
I remember handling matters relating to  banking, financing, labor matters, insurance, financing shipping business, trademarks, patents and drafting  agreements to be reviewed by my Senior Lawyers. I even do some searches in Sampit Pangkalan Bun representing an Insurance Client relating to the insured Tug Boats,  its Barges and Heavy Equipments such as Tractors being loaded and shipped for a saw mill deep inside Kalimatan, where the Barges were stranded at Pangkalan Bun, Sampit. There was no modern phone devices during those days, so it was rather hard to make contacts and communications with our Law Office at Jakarta. We were chartered a small Plane,  which flies very low and near the surface of the River at Kalimantan and was piloted by an Ex-American Pilot who experienced in Vietnam. Yes, it was really exiting experience which was occurring at the end Year of 1979. Well, the above was one of my experiences as a Business lawyer handling insurance cases  related to a stranded Barge at Pangkalan Bun Sampit, Kalimantan, Indonesia.
Jakarta, 14 th October 2009
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