Sunday, October 18, 2009

Honesty and Good Corporate Governance to be Kept by Business Lawyer

  • as a Business Lawyer you have to maintain a certain honesty, good conduct and attitude, since trust and integrity is significant attitude that have to be established and maintained by every Business Lawyers. Sometimes you feel you do not know what to do with your business legal knowledge which you have experienced many years of your life. It is really an asset and you are trying to find out a way how you can survive and be a good part in the business society especially relating to your expertise and flying hours. 
In the business world everybody is trying to get a piece of the cake of the projects which are being pursued, developed, created,  occurring and happening all the time in this world. From the Macro perspective, many countries are fighting for their part of contribution in shaping this new era that we are experiencing. G8 is replaced by G20 where new faces are being included in making and shaping the world future stability in the economics trend.  The Global economic crisis had forced many countries to consolidate their financial capability and performances.
  • In the news media we noticed that in a potentially momentous move, G20 had resolved to become a permanent body responsible for economic co-operation, where meeting  will be held annually at the level of leaders, rather than just finance minister. You may see the following Pittsburg Summit Event The move demonstrates a recognition that the more limited G8 was hopeless, since it excluded the emerging economies of China, India, South Africa, Mexico and Brazil. We noted that Obama wanted to shift emphasis to G 20. In the Pittsburg Summit a final communique decided that they had designated G20 to be the main forum for their international economic co-operation. Among the other agreed steps,  were a move to give developing countries a greater share in the votes at the international finance institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank.Under this new regime, it was said that the IMF will regularly analyse whether the economic policies of G20 countries are consistent with "sustainable and balanced trajectories for the global economy".
Based on the above, we can observed that many groupings are being established   by the world leaders in order to survive and compete among the nations. We maybe witnessing the new era where due to the greediness of some of the players in the business world, many huge companies especially in the financial sectors are collapsing, and going bankrupt, due to the dishonesty of the players in exposing the false data and profile of their financial real conditions or bubble economy.
  • From to the news media, we can see that there are certain people stealing monies from unsuspecting investors.So honesty and integrity plays an important role in this rough business world. There is a great change in the  mapping of the big players in the political, economical, culture and legal reformation. As shown above China, India South Africa, Mexico and Brazil. are considered  being the new emerging economic countries, where they may  have a big role in the changing and founding  new ways to  establish  a NEW balance of  power influence among the nations in this world. 
In responding to the above developments,  legal reformation upon the legal rulings made by the Executives and the Parliament /House of the People Representatives of each country will play an important role in shaping the policy and direction of each respective country. The Free Trade and Free Economy Era , where Governments intervention was avoided,  which was once being the Master or the "Sacred Icon", are  being modified, which is shown by USA,  as the Father of the Free Market, where  the Government is bailing out many USA  Big Companies who are facing bankruptcy,  such as General Motors and Chrysler. This stimulus measures are made to save the US country from getting worse in this finance turbulance.  
  • The Prime Mortgage issue which relates to Property has an affect to other business fields and had spread  out to other parts of the world. Indonesia and the other Asian Countries had already experienced this Baill - out  Program by the Government during the Economic Crissis Year 1998.With respect to the above Business Lawyers, in the pragmatical micro scale, have to be smart,  in viewing the above developments, in the sense that "Honesty" and "Good Corporate Governance" must play an important role in giving Legal Advices, Legal Opinions which frequently is structured and designed, based upon the the Legal Due Diligence upon the data/information  given by the Investors which shall be used by the Counter Part  either it is a prospective investors or financier to maintain honesty and good corporate governance to protect all the associated business stakeholders.
Well, the above is my observation as a Business Lawyer, who is trying to tap on the latest progress and trend emerging in this world related to Business Trend.
  • Jakarta, 18 October 2009
  • Agung Supomo Suleiman   


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