Friday, October 23, 2009

Business Lawyer must also detect Brain Versus Heart

  • In order for you to be able to survive you have to be tough and sometimes tired and losing your breath. 
  • You have to access your asset, your strenght, your weakness, and what  you want out of your life.
  • If you like to do something that you love then it means you are following your heart
  • If you are using more on your brain, there are times where such Brain does not communicate well with your Heart.
  • For instance if you love somebody, you shall face the fact that love is sometimes blind, in the sense that frequently it does not meet or match with your mind. There are times that you have to use your Brain, logical way of thinking, but sometimes you are caught or trapped with your emotional feelings of your Heart .
  • For instance for a writer or Publisher including if you happen to be a Business Lawyer , we tend to like writing in our Blogs, where it makes you feel comfort, since you like to write what ever there is something popping up in your head. You also have to detect your self whether you are an educator who tries to share your Business Lawyer experiences with others or not.
  • If you are an educator, it really feels cool and comforting in your heart,  if you write your experiences of  your life, especially if you have been living for quite a long time in this world, where you tend to share with others about your life experiences. It could be the ups and downs of your life experiences. If you are  are a Business Lawyer for example, sometimes the reality which your are facing is that you have to establish some stage or level of Legal Fees for the Legal Services that you are rendering to your Clients.
  • But there are occasions,  where your Client will feel that your Legal Fees are to high, for which they will tend to no longer use your legal services, since from your Client's body language,  you can capture that they are considering  your legal fees are too high or above their expectations.
  • You may noticed that your Clients /Customers are also in the same difficult situation to survive, especially at the time when everybody is waiting for the new Cabinet of Indonesia to be established and  announced, since the previous House Of Peoples' s Representative and the President /Vice President Election Year 2009 in Indonesia, to maintain stability and conducive business climate.      
  • In this case,  you also tend to  feel whether it is still  profitable to keep on being a Business Lawyer, if your legal fees cannot cop up with the cash outs which you have to spent to run your own  Business Law Firm.   
  • This appears to be sort of a weird  situation,  if you as a Business Lawyer are running your own Law Firm, especially if you are in the level of surviving,  since the position of your firm is not in that certain middle or high level position,  where Clients are no longer viewing the Legal Costs that they will incur, but rather needing such Big Firms to  jack up their reputation and image in the Business Circles by using such Big Law Firms.
  • During the last years, my Clients are usually Clients who are also trying to survive, and who seeks to sell out part of their equity, or trying to refinance their debt,  for which,  it is rather kind of a survival situation for them, because they are also trying to seek monies / funds to make them survive during this hard economical situation.
  • Well, after listening closely to  the Presidential Speech during his appointment by the MPR / Peoples House of Representatives in Indonesia, it sounds that  President Soesilo Bambang Yudhoyono  is a State man, optimist and is asking all the people of Indonesia to unite and start focusing on the State Prosperous, Welfare and Justice
  • So we are all expecting to have a positive attitude  in the coming days and so let Our Brain and Heart communicate each other in a balance manner.
  • Cheers, 
  • Jakarta 23 October 2009
  • Agung Supomo Suleiman 

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Communicative Business Legal Writings By Business Lawyer

  • As a Business Lawyer, when you are writing legal business articles  in your business blog what you must be aware of is that not all of your audiences are having lawyer profession background.   
  • Thus, your writing must be communicative with the viewers.
  • Accordingly, you have to use words which is understandable with your viewers.
  • The more you use legal jargon which can not be digested or understood by your viewers, it is a sign that you are just busy with your legal professions and blocking your communications with the viewers.
  • Business Lawyers must practice and try to learn to communicate with non lawyers especially the businessmen, management, end-users which may consist of various professional disciplines.
  • Team work between various of discipline of professionals and expertise have to be established,  since at the end of the day your role as Business Lawyer must be beneficial and and can be perceived as having an added value with your business circles and community.    
  • As a Business Lawyer, you may be master in your legal business professions, but if you fail to pass the message to your viewers you may be useless in the view of the non-lawyers background.
  • Don't forget that your viewers in the business community are smart people and can easily know whether you are trying to establish a good team work communication with the viewers, or whether you as a Business Lawyer,  are still busy with yourselves and fail to communicate and pass your message with your audiences.
  • We are all learning from our mistakes and every moment of our live we have to correct, learn and increase our capability of establishing a fruitful effective communication with all our viewers.
  • Cheers. May your days to come be more fruitful and beneficial to yourself  and others
  • Jakarta, 25th October 2009    

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