Saturday, November 07, 2009

Historical New Legal Breakthrough by The Indonesian Constitutional Court

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There was a Historical New Breakthrough made by the Indonesian Constitutional Court,  where The Indonesian Constitutional Court had allowed to publicly openly hear  the contents of the  tapping of the Phone Conversation between certain businessman, and indicated certain Officers from the Legal Institution  and several "Case Broker", which indicated that there was  a scenario to frame the Chairman of the KPK ( Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) ), who are trying to abolish the Corruption in Indonesia, as if  they received  bribery  monies, which was openly broadcast  by  TVONE Channel and MetroTV and could be watched by 200 million viewers in Indonesia .

It was really a Historical New Breakthrough  on  this  Openness  Era in Indonesia, because the People of Indonesia who are very eager to establish  Legal  Justice  can watch  lively on the TV Media directly from the Indonesian Constitutional Court,  the phone tapping conservations which strongly indicates scenario of so Called Court Mafia  in Indonesia between such business man, and several officers indicated from the Legal Institution Bodies.

Immediately after such TV Broadcast was made, demonstration had rapidly spread in many cities in Indonesia by students and the people who are concern of  Legal Justice, including many signatures to support the Victim Chairman of the KPK who were perceived as being Criminalized,  as if such Honest Chairman from KPK called CH and B had conducted bribery, which was Strongly Denied by such Respective Victims.

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What made the people mad, was that there was "Distrust from the People" upon the Legal Institution in Indonesia who appears not to be on the side of the People's want of  Law Justice. This KPK Institution was actually established,  in response to the "distrust of the People of the Republic of Indonesia "upon the Indonesian Legal Institution" in handling the Corruption Cases.

We as Business Lawyer, are also really concerned in  the Law Justice and Equality before the Law in Indonesia, that is why some of the Alumni of the Indonesian University  had signed the support for the Victims of this Criminalization.

In order to build a Healthy Business Climate in Indonesia, Law Certainty is really important and significant. We noticed that the wages and the living standard of the Indonesian Legal Institution had to be increased and taken care by the Government and the Parliament, so that they can  fully concentrated on doing their task and duties  in serving the Peoples Hunger for Law Justice and not trying to find out a way to cope their needs for their day to day Living Costs.

In respond to the above development The President had established the so called Team 8, who is responsible to conduct  the Findings Facts  of this Case and make a Recommendation to the President within this 2 weeks time.

The above developments of making the Breakthrough by the Indonesian Constitutional Court was a Historically Breakthrough made by the Indonesian Constitutional Court as the Indonesian Legal Institution in this New   Era of Openness in  Indonesia who is striving hard to establish Legal Justice and Abolishing Corruption in Indonesia which is really significant to establish Healthy Business Climate in Indonesia particularly Law Certainty.

Jakarta, 5 November 2009
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