Monday, November 09, 2009

Serious Steps Must Be Made

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During this past 1 week, all the Indonesian People are focusing on the work by the Team 8 which are being requested by the President to make Facts Finding upon the allegation made by the Police Department against the framed Corruption Abolition Committee (KPK Officer ), which based on the media perception,  there is  actually no case, since the legal basis are merely made upon the report from Antasari ( the Previous KPK Officer) based upon the testimony made by a certain Businessman he called Anggoro, claiming that he had been pressed to give monies by certain KPK Officers,  which according to Antasari in the TV Media,  the information gathered by him from Anggoro, are still having many doubted and uncertain data.

This weak testimony which was made into a report by Antasari to the Police Department, are being used to put the Charges against CH and B as KPK Officer by the Police Department.  

Based on such above significant development, all our energy are thrown into this frustrated weak allegation, which many people are not convince with such allegation made by the Police Department, since there are really "no hard evidence", but is merely based on assumption and has no any strong legal ground evidence at all.

Ary Muladi, which had made the Minutes Procedure Investigation, being used by the Police Department  to make such charges and allegation, had actually revoked his previous statement, which  said that he had made  payments directly to the KPP officer, but, he  made correction statements saying  that  the payment was made through certain man, he called Yulianto, which until this present moment such name is never known and traced by the Police.

As we are aware,  Indonesia needs a Total Serious Mental Legal Reformation within the Indonesian Legal Institution, if it wants to develop a Healthy Investment Climate in Indonesia, so that the Indonesian and Foreign Investors could feel comfort upon the Investment that they are investing in Indonesia.

As a Business Lawyer  we have to be concerned in pushing the legal system to be more transparency and accountable to enable providing Legal Justice and Equality for all the people of Indonesia without any discrimination. 

It really takes and consumed a  lot of time and energy for the Indonesian people,  to develop such Certain Legal System where the President of Indonesia as the Leader of this Country has to have strong political will and consistent to gear  the conducive condition for establishing Good Legal Practices and Conduct within the Indonesian Legal Institution to be really implemented and  enforced in Indonesia.

Without this Strong Political Will from the Indonesian Government, it is really hard for us to have a dream of Legal Certainty In Indonesia to become reality.

The people of Indonesia are really fed up with the acrobatic Mafia Legal System, and therefore are perceiving Distrust to the Legal Institution Bodies  and therefore they are putting Chandra Hamzah and Bibit as their Hero Representing Honest Person who are being Criminalized by the Indonesian Legal System, or the War between The Crocodile ( Buaya ) and Cicak ( small reptile).       

Jakarta 9 November 2009
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