Sunday, November 29, 2009

Level Of Trust On The Legal Institution In Indonesia

It had been quite a while that I visit this blog. I just wanted to say hello and greetings from Jakarta Indonesia. How is business at your end. I hope everything is ok. There is an important element which had to be settled in Indonesia in this coming  days. The Level of Trusts on the Legal Institution In Indonesia must really be healed. All the elements of Indonesia including the Business Society and Business Lawyer needs some assurance from the Top Level Government of Indonesia,  that they are really serious in supporting   the  Law Certainty and the Level Of Trust on the Legal Institution in Indonesia.

Without such assurance, the Business Investment Climate and the people welfare will be jeopardize. The People of Indonesia are really fed up and frustrated with the non-seriousness of the Authorized Legal Officers in handling the Corruption cases in Indonesia. Accordingly we are  all relying on the President of Indonesia to seriously instruct the Police Officers as well as The District Attorney Officers to accomodate the desires of the Indonesian People to conduct their tasks in a trusty, honest, Justice  and High Integrity manner. 

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