Monday, December 21, 2009

Lawyer is like Artist

A Lawyer according to me at a certain level is like an artist. They tend to be freedom. Freedom to express their ideas and visions.  If the rules are  regarded as rigid, uncertain, unclear,   Lawyers must seek and  found a breakthrough or way out from such uncertain rules to solve the problem.

If  you are a Business Corporate Lawyers you tend to seek a solution to  make the business goal and achievement  met and be fulfilled. Well, my 30 Years of Experiencing as a Business Lawyer educates me that nothing in this world is perfect. Especially in Indonesia the product of Rules is actually a Political Product created by the House of Peoples Representatives which consists of members of the winning Political Parties and the Executives from the President together with its Ministers including the Departments headed by the Ministers.

Since all Departments have their interests in their respective fields, these Departments frequently  tend  to  only look from their own perspectives without viewing  other Departments view. These are  the reason why there  are lots of situation where  Overlapping and contradictory rules  occurs between one Department and the other Department  such as the Department of Forestry and the Department of Mining and Energy. You must also remember that besides the written rules there may also be Policies made by the Ministers of a certain Department which sometimes may need further clarification for the business players. We may also frequently found contradictory rules between the Central Governments and the Regional Local Governments in  this  Non-Centralize Era in Indonesia.  I believe that the Government and the Parliament knows about such problems which are usually expressed by the Business Associations representing the business players concern.

Well as a Business Lawyer you have to found out a way how to overcome such overlapping rules for the interest of creating certainty for your Clients business goals and objectives.

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Drilling Rig
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