Saturday, January 09, 2010

Legal Justice Versus Legal Certainty

The above issue appears to merge in Indonesia at this present moment. The people in Indonesia has the perception that the Legal Enforcement only applies to the powerless people. Whereas for the Big Powerful person or institution,  since they can hire Lawyers they feel that the are immune and untouchable by the law.

These perceptions was demonstrated by the Prita Case where a patient who makes complaint upon the hospital service through internet had been sued by the Hospital claiming that their good name was being damaged by Prita's writing in the Internet media.

There were 2 cases being filed, by the Lawyers representing the Hospital, one through the Criminal Court and the other through a civil claim. Initially the First Instance Court issued its Decision  against Prita where she was demanded to pay around Rp204 million to the Hospital. However, the public's Voices  through the support of the TV Media in Indonesia  had  made a protest against such verdict  by  collecting  coins to support Prita, where they succeeded in collecting  and raising around Rp600million. This is really fantastic amount which shows that the Indonesian People are voicing their rights for Legal Justice Treatment by the Court in Indonesia. In the progress the Criminal Court in the First Instance had rejected the Hospital claim.

This Coin Protest was actually a symbol of protest from the people against Injustice Court Treatment  that is felt  being imposed against the powerless  victims. Indonesia is a democracy society where we can freely make  protests against Injustice Legal Treatment felt by  the people being made by the Legal Institution in this Country of Indonesia.

Hospitals in Indonesia nowadays appears to be more of Commercial  rather than Social Institution, who must serve the sick people who needs medical care. Lawyers defending Hospital  against complain made by the patient must also be sensitive in handling cases like above. If there are complaints by the Patients,  the Hospital must actually appreciate such inputs for better services to its Patients. Eventually, in the progress after facing the public reaction,  the Hospital realize of their negative reaction,  for which  they  decided to revoke  their claim against Prita in the Court.

The above is really a good lesson for us  as Business Lawyers that we have to be sensitive upon issues relating to maintaining good services to its patients.     

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