Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Good Signs of Outlet Retail Store Sport Shoes Business in Indonesia

If you are starting from scrap bottom Rock, even though you have established and operate your Firm for more than 11 and a quarter Years of life time since June 1998, it is not easy to maintain continuous Clients with the right selling prices that could maintain your cash flow. You have to be tough and have strongly motivated spirit to survive in operating your Firm now called Law Firm Suleiman Agung & Co .  

Your Firm actually has a long term Track Records and have lots of experience in conducting various legal services and works in the Business Community. However  it is not that easy to perform growth to your Firm. Your cash Flows are actually from Clients  who are using your legal services. But  some of our Clients which are using us, they are  experiencing cash flows issues and are struggling hard to survive and really needs and seeks  funds or investors to assist them to continue  or expand their  business. Click Here!

Accordingly some of the Businessmen experienced cash flow problems, which resulted delaying the  payments of  our  legal services fee, for which these in reality disturb our cash flows during the running operating years. 
It had been more than 11 Years that Indonesia had survive from the Economic Crisis since June 1998. I thought that after restructuring loans faced by the Indonesian Investors it will be much better, since their debts and loans had been rescheduled. However,  perhaps due to the Politics situation in Indonesia particularly relating to the Bank Century issues,which involve politicians in the Indonesian Parliament, who are  controlling the Policy of the Government in Bailing out Bank Century,  these conditions has affect the healing situation  of  the Indonesian Businessmen who suffered  turbulence caused by the Economic Crisis.  These situation occurred after Indonesia had experienced completing its Presidential Election and Parliament election. 

Positive Signs

However,  there are also signs  that several of  our Business Networks who are conducting  Outlet Retail Sport Shoes Consumer Goods in Indonesia are on their good business stage and phase, which could be indicated by their employees purchasing power and expansion of their Outlet Retail Sport Shoes Business in Indonesia. One of our Networks is engaged in the the Outlet Retail Consumer  of Sport shoes in Indonesia with their website address at www.spotec.co.id where it appears that they are in a good expansion condition. So in the Retail Consumer Goods in Indonesia it shows good expansion business progress

We really can learn from their good high spirits as Indonesian Entrepreneurs.  If you are really interested in purchasing such Sport Shoes you can  visit their above websites or you may contact us  for which  we  can contact you with the proper right persons  at PT Star who are operating and selling such sport shoes through their inter connection Retail Store  Outlets  Sport Shoes within several cities throughout Indonesia.  

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