Monday, March 15, 2010

Review Contracts

As a Business Lawyer you are frequently requested to review and draft business contracts which are needed to cover the terms and conditions of your Business Clients who are dealing and enggaging contractual relation with their co partner in pursuing their Business. We have to be experienced in handling this kind of business transactions. You have to identify and explore

their business venture and the legal exposures which are attached to their business relation. As a Business Lawyer besides practicing your skills in drafting such Business Contracts you may also purchase books which gives you some knowledge on Drafting Contracts.
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In drafting contracts you have to dig all the relevant data that Your Clients desires to pursue their business goals. You have to identify what your Clients wants out of the business. We have to check the rights and obligations of each party. Who will be responsible to do what, who is responsible on seeking the funds or investors to fund the investment. Is the Business deal in the form of cooperation between such Business players. Are there going to be a joint venture or setting up a new company. Is there going to be partnership, acquisition or merger between the companies.

Where are the business operations going to be performed. Is it in the manufacture of products. What are the products ? is it Customer Goods  ?  Is there a Principal and Agent or Distribution arrangements ? There are many several data and business information which you as a Business Lawyer have to dig out from your Client. You have to conduct legal research upon the corporate documents of your Clients Business Counter part.

The business licenses and permits they have. Are they engaged with other business investors in the field of business that your Clients desires to cooperate with such Co Prospective Investors.  Does such company received  loans with bankers which still outstanding ? Is their any collateral which are attached to their assets which shall be used in such Cooperation or Co Ventures ? Those are among others the relevant elements that have to be checked  by the Business Lawyer who are assisting their Clients in  drafting contracts to pursue a cooperation or joint venture arrangements with a prospective Investors / partner.             

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Legal Marketing Strategy

As a Business Lawyer you have to seek a Legal Marketing Strategy. You have to be honest to your Customers and Client.  You have to put trust to your Client. Even you start your Law Firm from scratch since more than  11  3/4 Years ago, you have the real experienced in establishing your Track Records in handling and giving Business Legal Services to your Clients. As a Partner of your Firm you have gained the Professional Skills as Business Lawyer and you also have experienced in performing, operating your own Law Firm now called Suleiman Agung & Co (SACO Law Firm) where there is no school education but you have to experienced by yourself.
  • You have to be consistent in always learning and experiencing the legal aspects that must be highlighted to your Clients. Your Clients interests is to get their  Business Ventures succeed. You as a Business Lawyer are responsible to high light the Legal exposures and aspects that might occur where your Business Clients desires to pursue their Business. You have to advise your Clients upon the relevant Laws and Rules that are surrounding and may have to be high lighted to your Clients. 

You have to advise your Clients on the rules and laws that have to be abide by your Clients starting from the Permits, licenses required to operate their business.The rules relating to Foreign Investors including the manpower for the Expatriates. The Policies from the Relevant Government and Authorities. Since Indonesia consists of many Islands which are scattered you have to advise your Clients on the Policies and Rules between the Central Government and the Provincial/ Regional Governments. 

  • The distributions of Authorities in granting the Business Licenses, Business Operating Permits  and distributions of revenues, levies, charges imposed against the Business Operations  between the Central Government and the  Provincial/ Regional Governments.  

The Land / Building title and Rules on Land and Building rights title to use governed by the Land Regulations. The Relevant Technical Departments involved in the operations of the Business and Investments of such Company. The Community Development Program as well as the Environmentl aspects that have to be taken into considerations.        


The risk factor that  have to be looked out is the possibility of Nationalization by the Government. Although the Foreign Investment Law ( FIL) explicit stated that the Government will not nationalize or expropriate the investment or the right to manage the investment company, in exceptional circumstances we have to observe whether there is a ruling which regulates that it could be done according to the Law in the interest of the State   ( as was regulated in Article 21 Foreign Investment Law No.1 Year 1967).

Washington Convention 

As we are aware Indonesia is a member of the International Washington Convention which is the Convention on the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes ( "ICSD"), the International Centre fo Settlement of Investments Dispures between Staes and nationals of other States sponsored by the World Bank based on Law No.5 Year 1968. In case a dispute will arise between the foreign investor and the Indonesian Government, such dispute will be referred to ICSD, arbitration in Washington. One of the concrete example  of such investment dispute had caused a premature withdrawal of the investment licence in the case of Amco vs Indonesia filed in 1981 and is ultimatel finalized after 12 Years of arbitration proceedings.

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