Thursday, March 25, 2010

Seeking Investors and Funds

You may notice that in the real business world, business players frequently are seeking funds or investors to expand their production capacity or pursuing new projects. In seeking there funds we as Business Lawyers might have an active role to assist our Clients in seeking such funds or investors. The mechanism of seeking such funds is that you must have networks who can advise you who to contact such Investors or Funds. 

The Funding or investors might be from your local area Country but they may also be from outside of your Country. The first thing that you must do is just ask one of your Business Investors Network who you can trust and ask whether they have some relevant contacts or experiencing in seeking such Funds or Investors. Your network may be some Capital Investment Consultants who have a wide range of networks in several countries.   There may be the Big players but there also may be middle class or boutique players. 

Your  Business Consultant Management Group may request you to contact your Clients who are seeking such Investors or Funds. When a specific date for a meeting had been set up you  may  coordinate  both of them to meet in  a certain place such as for instance in a coffee shop in a Hotel or in the office of your Business Management Consultant. In such first meeting  you will introduce each other and discussions will be held. In such meetings if both  parties had been acquainted with  each other  and communication has taken place,   the Business Consultant may request the Business Player to deliver what they want and might raise some questions which  usually relates to the capacity of the current production and the equipments and supporting infrastructure which they plan to develop to achieve their desire toincrease their production level capacity
 The Business Management Consult or the Investment Capital Company might also request the Business Player to provide them with the written Info Memo or Business Plan which requires such funding  or Investors. There may also be questions on what kind of cooperation or business relation is going to be established  and worked out relating to the need of such new Funds or Investors. These maybe Equity Share, cooperation, or split of the Profit and risk.

So it is quite interesting and exiting to make such contacts for which you as a Business Lawyer not only functioned as Business Lawyer giving Legal Advise,  but you may also seek, contact fund raiser  or Investors to your Clients,  for which you may also have the chance to get some fee payments for your services and also a certain Success Fee if such Business Contacts succeed in making a Business Deal.  

As the Business Players they may be able to seek the investors or funds by themselves, but if there is a media between them who can arrange and assist them professional in handling such business opportunities, it will for sure be benefit to safe their financial problems and difficulties, where  there might be someone out there, who can solve their business problems in a professional manner. These also depends upon your networks as to whether they are pro-active in striving to get their business deal succeed.

Well folks the above are some brief glance relating to seeking Investors and Funds to support your Client's Business Activities;

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