Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Several Alternatives

When you are reaching a certain age, like from 59 going to reach 60 Years, you end up of having several alternatives of how to be useful to your closest working community. You are no longer having the ambition of building or establishing carries or positions, but more of assisting others with the working experience that you have. Besides the revenue and cash in that you will get as a by product, you elect to be more of helping and assisting others especially within your working areas so that they will feel the benefit of your presence in their working community.     
 You tend to be more patient and more of a listening type of person and try to really understand the need  and concern of others.

We really have to appreciate other person perspective and perception. We try to seek the right words in expressing our view. We must establish a clear mind and thought in order to be able to digest the real problem facing by our working area.


Drilling Rig

Drilling Rig
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