Wednesday, October 19, 2011

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If you are seeking for a Business Law Firm in Indonesia, with Partner who masters in the legal aspects of  Oil in Indonesia as well as Coal Mining, you better contact Agung S.Suleiman who is the Partner of  AgsS LAW - Saco  who had practiced and experience more than 30 Years in Indonesia, and had recently completed his mission and task in providing the legal services to protect and paves the way of an Oil Company in exploring, exploitation, production and had shipped its Crude Oil Product to the Buyers in Indonesia.  
  • This Law Firm not only provide Legal services, but  we frequently work with several professional Engineers and Management Team Group who are under the JME Group Division; who are ready and willing to assist you with a qualified team to make your business success. 

We are there to give you the professional services you need. Of course there are obstacles and bumpy roads that you have to face in the process of getting the Crude Oil out from its Deposits deep in the Ground, which is part of the name of the game in the Oil industries in Indonesia. At least, our team, have paved the way, for new investors to enter into the Oil Business, in collaboration with our Clients,  since Oil Business needs significant amount of funds for Capital Expenditure (Capex)  and Operating Expenditure (Opex), which  are needed to flow the Crude Oil from the Exploration Stages into the Exploitation and Productions Stage and ready to be shipped for Cash-In.  

So if you are interested to be success in conducting Oil and Coal Mining Venture in Indonesia, by receiving professional Legal Services, as well as Consultancy and Management Services in the Oil Sectors and Coal Mining Operations you may contact us anytime through our email :
 Jakarta, 19 October 2011
Agung S.Suleiman
AgsS LAW - Saco
in association with JME Group Division;

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Drilling Rig
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