Monday, January 02, 2012

Enjoying Being Independent Business Lawyer

Yes, sir I am really enjoying myself becoming an Independent Business Lawyer; It has been already more than 13 Years and 6 Months since 1st June 1998, that  I started my exiting venture being an Independent Business Lawyer.
  • I can set up my own definition as to becoming success which is really unconventional and non-traditional  by setting up my own definition of being success, among others by gaining more flexible time depending on my own set of rules as to where and at what time I wanted to do my work.This concept of paradigm is pursuant to the Book which I am now reading called Career Success without a Real Job written by Ernie J.Zelenski
I managed to be more independent by having my own Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) which is an Independent Law Firm now called  Suleiman Agung & Co ( SACO LAW FIRM); 
  • After having been for more than 13 & a half  Years experiencing running this Law Firm, I realize that it really depends on our-self willingness and choice as to what do you want and prefer to be concentrating and focusing on your Career Success, which definition  of Success is being freely  set- up and design by you your self and no other person but you yourself
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You are the only person who really knows what type of career path that you wanted to establish and venture in this life; Besides working you must also have "time" to  enjoy your life and being alive in this world; You have to venture and sometimes make certain experimental moves in your life;
  • In order to optimize your professional ideas in your field of professional you must really enjoy what you are doing and not because of being forced by others  perception in electing the life style that you really like;
The important and significant element that you have to do is that You must establish your hours of experience and track records  in serving your Clients which will certain be the Valuable Assets that you like to focus and sell as your expertise to your Clients;
  • You must seek the ways as how you can grab the  opportunities  to demonstrate your expertise which you master and are in  confidence with, which will  benefit and be an  advantage as an Added Value to your Client's business goals and objectives;
From my self experience in developing my so called Professional Career, I noticed that this can be achieved by each and everyone  of  us,  if you are having the freedom to set up your own established  flexible time and place which you allocate,  to learn  the merits and core of your Clients business transactions;
  • You have to focus with your best effort for example to make certain Brief Executive summary through a Scheme and a systematic bullet points at the right time and moment  which could help Giving Snapshots and Quick Glance of the Important Issues that your Client has to be aware of, because time is of the essence to make the right and proper business decision;
Well the above are some of the tips that I would like to share with you in the beginning of this Year of 2012, and I wish you a very Happy New Year 2012, New Hope, New Venture, New Spirit, New Venture

Jakarta 2 January 2012
Agung S.Suleiman 

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