Friday, September 28, 2012


In the Indonesian Democracy Era,   particularly during the recent Jakarta Governor's Election in September 2012,  there is a significant positive trend occurring  in Jakarta,  which shows that  Big Political Parties in Jakarta,  cannot compete with the People's Direct Voting Desires Right on which type of Governor the peoples wanted to choose and elect;
  • The people of Jakarta which consists of various ethnics, cultures, belief system background, prefers to be governed by  an honest, humble, and uncorrupted officer,  which they believe are  shown  in the figure of Jokowi-Ahok; 
  • Since Indonesia had experienced democracy since 1998, after the fall-down of the late President Soeharto, the people are getting smarter as to what type of Governor and leader they prefer to rule Jakarta as the Capital City of Indonesia; There are of course the same issues of traffic jam, flood, medical, schooling and public transportation, which are faced and suffered by the people of Jakarta, during these latest years, which  had to be  seriously tackled by the New Elected Governor of Jakarta : Jokowi - Ahok; Your Ad Here
The people of Jakarta are fed up with all the corrupted officer, who seemed to be immune from the law, and also the attitude of the People House of Representatives of Indonesia  who in fact, appears to be only busy with their  Political Parties' interest and not the people as a whole. So the people feels that their real wants and interests are actually not being represented by the People House of Representatives
  • By having succeeded in electing the honest and integrated Governor - Vice Governor like Jokowi and Ahok for Jakarta, it demonstrates that  at least there is high  a "level of trust" from the people  of Jakarta to Jokowi and Ahok (Basuki)   which hopefully could be regarded as a "Barometer of Real Democracy" for all parts of election of Governor in  Indonesia including for the coming President Election in the Year 2014.

Jakarta, 28 September 2012
Agung S.Suleiman               

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