Thursday, July 11, 2013

Certain Universal Rules

Well, its quite a while that I visited this blog of mine; It is really exiting being the founder of a Boutique Law Firm, now called Suleiman Agung & Co ("SACO Law Firm") particularly if you are trying to connect your self with the Creator of this World that we are living; From my life experience, I  strongly feel that there are certain Universal rules that applies to all human beings as well as self employed professionals players whatever the professionals might be in this 1(one) world that we are living; 
  • If you are allowed by the Creator to survive being an Independent individual or professional where you are self employed in the sense that you are not attached to a certain fixed income, you than start on trying with your best efforts to find a way out to cope with your cash flow; 
For sure and certain we understand that  there are  Certain Universal rules and principals which taught us  that we cannot just sit in our office and wait for a falling star or a basket of monies pouring  to our office or our pocket, but we have to market out and seek information within our networks to get some business deal done;
  • From our life experience, we strongly feel that there is a big and huge difference between someone who in the process of life develop the awareness in the faith and believes that there is a Great Element Creator, outside of our selves, who had created this huge Universe including the 1(one) world that we are living, which is  that we as believers upon the Creator, are educated by our actual live journey experiences to really explore such live journey and by trying really hard to balance our day to day actual life, with God's Words in the Holy Books that had been sent down to us through the Creator's Messenger; 
We can found for example that the wind which blows is not just blowing by itself, but is actually a Good Blessed Message from the Creator, that the wind will blow Clouds into the Direction of a certain Land which are dry, by which water in the form of rain will be sent down and poured  to the dry land being part of the earth, so that living can start again after such long dry land, where seeds of the plants can grow resulting fruits and vegetables as God's kindness to us, so that we and all the animals can survive living and start to live again after suffering such long dry seasons;
  • So these are actually many signs from the Creator addressed to us, who wants to use our mind, brain, and see with our eyes, ears as well as  hearts to be thankful to the Creator who is ALLAH The Most Merciful and Kindness to all of us in this world; However, we have to be patient and do our best efforts within our best efforts to continue living in our unique respective fields of skills, talent, potential strength as well weakness to complement with other integrated professionals and different fields  within our choice of works and places to seek opportunities to survive, and for us Believers to pray and be thankful for ALLAH kindness to us.  
These kind of feelings are similar to the cash flows of our Professional Business, where if we are patient, focused, tough with our efforts in striving to survive, after marketing our selves through our networks, and after we felt dry season in our cash flows or feeling as if we are in the edge of the cliff, we can strongly feel as Believers that ALLAH as the Creator will guide us to contact one of our many networks that we have contacted and will pour water or provisions through such respective network by giving business deal in our respective professional skills to cope with our cash flows; 
The above are my writing for this night in the beginning of the Holy Month Of Ramadhan
Jakarta, 7 July 2013 
Agung Supomo Suleiman                         

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