Monday, October 21, 2013

Indonesia IS REALLY Experiencing New Era

Yes, Indonesia is really experiencing New Era in its journey as a Nation in this Democracy and Transparency Era. In Indonesia you can notice that the Indonesian News Papers and Electronic Media are very freely independent and nobody is in exception to be criticized including the highest level position in the Executive, Judicial  as s well as in the Legislative; Particularly facing the 1914 Presidential and Legislative.
  •  We cannot imagine that this could happen in Indonesia during the Soeharto Regime Power Era before 1998; Indonesia is actually still learning how to become a well integrated, Good Governance, transparency since in the Political Level, most of the Parties are still  using  monies influence  to attract the people in their campaign to seek voters. Indonesia is an Archipelago consisting of thousands of Islands scattered from Sumatra to Papua, where in reality you need to have significant amount of  funds and monies or sponsors to be able to capture the Parties Voters in these wide Spread Archipelagos of Indonesia. 
Most of the officials who are being dragged to the Court being alleged of conducting Corruptions are related to the High Level Legislative and Head of the Region Elections where it indicates that there occurs collaboration between Private Companies who had sponsored funds for the Political Figures which in return these Private Companies appears to be expecting to win tenders in the Government Projects, which are demonstrated in the various Corruption Cases being  handled aggressively by the KPK (Komite Pemberantasan Korupsi) or roughly translated the Corruption Elimination Committee.  
  • Several significant High Level Public Figures are being jailed and put to prison in the process of this  Investigation by KPK, which are being highlighted by the Indonesian Journalist in the Local TV Media News in Indonesia. We can view and observe this as a positive legal  trend process against corruption in Indonesia during this Transparency Era, where  nobody is in exception to this new Era Trend occurring in Indonesia. At least there is definitely High Hopes experienced by us  for a better future in Indonesia in the coming years to come.
Talk shows in the TV Media are occupied with these  breaking news relating to Corruption Cases which are being discussed, analyzed and debated by the Expertise from different level of professions.There are  no censorship upon what are being discussed in the TV Media in Indonesia relating to this corruptions cases involving the High Level Alleged  Officers. Thus, Indonesia is currently really experiencing a new Era in its journey as a Nation to become more Democracy, Transparency and Good Corporate Governance.          
Jakarta, 21 October 2013

Agung S.Suleiman


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