Friday, April 04, 2014


If you are seeking Indonesian Oil Gas and General Mining Lawyers you can contact AgsS Law who is an Independent Business Lawyer experiencing as Business Lawyer  practioner in the Oil Gas and  General Mining Business in Indonesia for more than 30 Years. 

We are eager to assist you  in taping the legal aspects of the oil and gas and general mining business  operations in Indonesia.  If you happen to be venturing business in Indonesia you can easily contact him through his email or his Hand Phone : 081683067. If you are a Law Firm or Lawyer outside of Indonesia and  are eager to search for a Business Lawyer Correspondence in Indonesia, you may just contact Agung where he will be very happy to assist and develop a mutual  beneficial relationship with you.  
  • Indonesia is an open country for foreign Investors who are interested to seek business ventures and opportunities in Indonesia. The Indonesians are eager to enter into a mutual beneficial business cooperation with Foreign Investors who are interested to develop its business in Indonesia on a mutual understanding of cross culture between different backgrounds. We still need to learn more from the more advance countries how they can develop and grow to become more aware of the business skills and opportunities in several different area of expertise.                 
  In the Oil and Gas Industries as well as the General Mining Ventures in Indonesia, you may need to understand the back ground philosophy of how the most common Indonesian People are expecting to increase their life quality and standards from the revenue originating from the Natural Resources of Oil and Gas as well  the Hard Minerals founded and located in Indonesia. Beside Oil and Gas Exporters, Indonesia is now a Net Importer of Oil for its domestic use and consumption. Thus, the Government purchase the Product of  Oil  from Sellers outside  of Indonesia based on the market price and sell it to Pertamina as the State Owned Company to be sold to the people in Indonesia on a lower price by subsidizing the difference.

  • Relating to the Downstream business prospects,   we understand there are still  significant opportunities for establishing Refinery in Indonesia, however, before funding or putting their monies, Investors wants to firstly have assurances on the feed stock to be proccessed in such Refinery Plant as well as who will purchase the end product of the Crude Oil which are being processed to become  a product.

The Location of the Refinery Plant is also an  important element which had to be considered, which has to be near the Jetty for the Off-Taker to  off-take the Product. Tax Intensive shall  also be a significant element which needs to be  requested by the Investors and granted by the Government of Indonesia to the Refinery Investors.

  • A solid prospective business  plan must be made which  can demonstrates why this investment in the Refinery will work. Licenses for running and operating said Refinery Plant must also be explored to make sure that the legality documents and requirement are full filled and completed. Well, those are some few elements that I as a Business Lawyer wanted to high light to the viewers of this Blog.  
Agung S.Suleiman 
Jakarta, 4 April 2014 

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