Tuesday, September 06, 2016


We are facing New Alternatives IT Era System Networks for Lawyers, where we observe  that Individually, the Lawyer has only small overhead, since the size of each individual Lawyers is not big at the ground land Level, however, as Networks of Lawyers,  which are linked to each other by a certain IT office, acting as the Pooling Internet Connected Level, they could develop a "More Broader  Network of Individual Independent Business Lawyers" who has gained In-depth Experiences in their respective specialist Expertise. This trend is really globally occurring,  as we can observe :
NETWORK OF Independent Business Lawyers :


Attorney Happiness and Freelance Practice
The Rise of Freelance Lawyer
After experiencing a rather long, lengthy and bumpy road, at the present moment,  the writer of this Blog, is practicing  Solo Independent Business Lawyer   under the Brand Name AgsS Law - SACo  . 
He seeks and tries to balance live between practicing as a Professional Independent Business Lawyer, who serves and provides Professional Legal Services to Business Clients in a responsibility manner, in a more "Flexi Time" and
"Flexi Place",
in the sense, that he can control and  master the "time and place to work", without exploiting nor sacrificing himself nor other Lawyers times,  to work lengthy long hours in a 1(one) centralized Cubical Office, from early Morning until late night, which frequently, resulted sacrificing their time with their families  as well as sparing time to read the Holy Book from the Creator as Life Guidance in this temporary World.
Well life is a matter of Choices,  how to manage our Professional Work and time. By welcoming the New IT Era progress and development, there will be many alternatives ways and manner to practice our Professional carrier path,  more freely in terms of managing our time and place to work, by Interconnecting between several Individual Professional Expertise in a Larger Network  through  IT Office, which does not require renting or owning a Conventional Centralized Office at the Ground Land level, but more closer Inter Connected Networks through IT Network, among the Expertise. In Indonesia you can also find Ahli Hukum
This trend can also be seen in other field of business,  among others in the Alternative Hotel such as  AirBnb for members who wants to venture as Host for Guest, or  Uber as alternative mode transportation, where Individual members can apply and register as Members, having  their Own Vehicle (either renting/leasing or Owning), by which in Indonesia you may find Grab Car and Grab Motor Cycles, and many Online Shops; We may also find Freelancer.com,  where you can also register your self either as a Party who needs a certain Work, or as the Worker who will register as the Services Provider of a certain type of Services.  
In this Internet IT  Pooling System, we may observe that this can be a Place for competing each other, among members registered in such One Polling Internet Base Office, resulting  competition in Lowering fees  offered for doing similar required Services.
Biding among Professional Services provider, is done, by Competing with Lowest Fee to Customers,  in order to get a Work. At the end of the day, the Customers or Clients, shall decide which of the Professional are really giving good Quality Services they need and require. The indicator of their Level of  Performances can be seen and shown in the Rating and Review,  made available by the Provider Intermediary - to be filled by the Customers and Professionals who are all listed - registered in such Pooling Interconnected Website Office.As an Independent Business Lawyer, the writer of this Blog, have been Rated and Review by the User within Ahli Hukum Website as shown  in  https://ahlihukum.com/listings/agung-supomo-suleiman/

Well, I think the above are my early assessment and observation on the  NEW ALTERNATIVES  IT  ERA SYSTEM  NETWORK  FOR LAWYERS. So please be prepared to adjust ourselves in this speedy  IT Global Network Connections 

Jakarta, 9 September 2016
Agung Supomo Suleiman
Independent Business Lawyer                   

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