Sunday, May 21, 2017

Combined Experience Company Man - Self - Employed

I have been experiencing more than 18 Years practicing as Independent Business Lawyer - Freelance- Self-Employed since 1 June 1998, when I quit working as the In house Legal Counsel of PT Freeport Indonesia, a Copper Gold Mining Company in Indonesia. There are many reasons why I  started working as a Self-Employed Independent Business Lawyer, among  others was that I wanted to be on my owned after experiencing working as a Company Man - In house, Legal Counsel in a well established corporation. 
There are the ups and downs in terms of Cash Flow, and not like if you are working as A Company man, where every end of the month you get a fixed income salary.  If you are Self -Employed you feel more freedom in pursuing your life journey, where you can combined work with pleasure, since you are more flexible in terms of places and time hours that you want to establish. You do not have to wait until Saturday nor Sunday to spent your time relaxing your time if you feel you are tired of working behind the close doors.  However in the terms of Cash - Flow there is always an uncertainty since you do not have a fixed income. 
 It is actually a choice of life style that you are pursuing. In life there is the material - physical side, the emotional side as well as the spiritual side  It really depends upon yourself which of this element of life are you trying to weight and balance more. If you like writing your fragmentation or snapshot part your life journey, you can more easily capture the statistic and rhythm of your life mile stone marks. The physical body of every individual will decrease periodically in your life journey  and needs to be managed  to maintain its health and stamina. You are your own doctor where you can detect which food are good for you or whether you need some rest or need exercise to maintain your health stamina. 
The Writer of this Blog is  glad of daring  to experienced his life path by choosing to be self-employed when he  reached the age of 46, so that thanks to the Al Mighty, he could experienced a combined life journey  being a Company Man for 15 Years and a Self-Employed Person for more than 18 Years.
And now in this Year of 2017, where with the permit of ALLAH the Al Mighty, the Writer of this Blog had  been given the opportunity to live for more than 65 Years in this World, it appears that its is a new Phase Stage of Life Journey, where  you have to learn how to survive maintaining a good healthy physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally with his family.

Jakarta, 21 May 2017
Agung Supomo Suleiman        

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