Thursday, May 15, 2008

Experiencing Practicing Own Law Firm for 10 Years

Well I am back at the office from the Central Court Of Jakarta, where I had tried to submit letter to inquire whether a certain company is involved in court cases in Central Jakarta either, in the civil case and criminal case and bancruptcy case. I was requested to bring the original Power of Attorney and also the Articles of Association of such respective Companies. Based on such information I shall report to my Client accordingly. Our task is conducting certain legal due diligence, for which purpose, we have to collect data including data concerning the litigation involvement of such Company. Well, those are some of my legal works that recently my Firm is involved, and I think I have to find another legal works for the sake of maintaining the continuity of our firms' cash flow. I was already experiencing for nearly 10 years since 1 June 1998, practicing as an independent lawyer and also running our own boutique law firm. It is really fun and exiting since you newer, can now as to what type of Clients maybe contacting you and requesting for our legal assistance. Usually our potential Client will contact us and represent their case or legal issues which they feel, they need some legal assistance from our Firm. They will then normally ask for our Company's Profile and also our legal fee arrangement for handling the legal matters that they require us to be involve. Well, usually it will take some time waiting for their response, to our legal fee proposal. So this really depends, on the situation and circumstance, which is faced by our customers or potential Clients. Sometimes we feel, as if we are riding a roller coaster, since our cash flow is not certain, sometimes up sometimes down. These experience will goes on and on, where, sometimes we did not realize that, it has already been 5 months from January 2008 that we have stayed in this new rental building Located at Grand Wijaya Centre on the 4th Floor. Times goes by, very fast, from day to day, week to week, and month to month, without us realizing how rapid the time goes by. Well, I think I have to stop writing since I have to go back concentrating and focusing on the pending legal matters that I have to complete. See you readers, Chiao and good luck Hours 14.40 Thursday, 15 May 2008 Agung Supomo Suleiman Senior Partner Suleiman Agung & Co

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Freedom & Independent

I really enjoy being Freedom & independent. It feels really good especially in my heart, since I can say and express whatever ideas and experimental spiritual experience which I can do with the Permit of ALLAH The ALL Mighty, as well as mental experience, by setting up my own vehicle or Law Firm by the name of Suleiman Agung & Co(SA&Co) as been permitted and allowed by ALLAH the Great and Only Creator of this Universe that we are allowed to be part of such beautiful live, to the extent, we have to be still within the guidance and blessing of God All Mighty the Creator of this Universe. As we all have to continuously remember and plant in our mind, heart, soul : is God's saying in Surah Fatir/The Originator of Creation (surat 35) paragaph 45 of the Holy Quran, in which ALLAH says : In the name of Allah The Most Gracious and the Most Merciful,
  1. All the praises and thanks are to ALLAH , the (only) Originator (or the (only) Creator of the heavens(sky) and the earth.Who made the angels messengers with wings :2 or 3 or 4 .He increases in creation what he wills. Verily ALLAH is able to do all things.
  2. Whatever of mercy (i.e.of good), ALLAH may grant to mankind, none can withold it, and whatever He may withold none can grant it thereafter. And He is the ALL-Mighty, the ALL-Wise.
  3. O mankind! Remember the Grace of Allah upon you! Is there any creator other than ALLAH who provides for you from the sky(rain) and the earth? La ilaha alla Huwa(none has the right to be worship but HE. How then are you turning away(from Him)?
Based on such God's saying, we really do not have to be afraid to make any experience with our live to reach the stage as freedom and independent and only to ALLAH shall we worship ourselvers and nobody else but ALLAH. Thus, it is only to ALLAH that we should be afraid of and not to any mankind, who sometimes try "to play god" and "try to play power". It is Allah who gives us the opportunity to live in this world. And it is to ALLAH that we have to report whatever deeds that we have done during our live on this World. As we all Know, in every Court Decision in Indonesia, the Heading of such Decision is always "For The Sake of Justice Based on GOD who is the only One God . Thus, since the Court's decisions is basing on GOD who is the only One GOD, we as Lawyers, Judges, Attorneys, Legal Advisiors, Advocates, Legal Consultants, businessmen and whomsoever we are, who seeks Justice from the Courts Decision in Indonesia, in the event of disputes / different of understanding / interpretation on contracts, by the Parties who have entered into such contract, or non-contracts , must really realized the Consequences of their efforts in seeking for such Justice, in the view and prespective of God the Only One GOD as the only Creator of this Universe, since the Court's Decision is always made : For the Sake of Justice based on GOD the only One God. Thus if the Name of GOD is being misused, due to misconduct / misbehaviour by a certain party who cheats, bribes, or whatever unfair conduct, in trying to force their interests unfairly, than it is our faith, that God the only One GOD, will not bless such Courts Decisions, which was resulted and made from such misconduct of cheating, or bribing, which therefore is really unfair to the other party's rights, who is being lessen and decreased materially or morally. Based on Al Quran, decreasing the other's party's rights especially through unfair- unJustice Courts's Decision is in fact breaching, God's rules, because all things/wealths which you may find in and between the sky and earth, are actually created and owned by GOD, and is being given to the well beings /creatures in this World and Universe, as a tool/ instrument of test from GOD, whether such human being is greatfull to ALLAH, or not. Based on the information in Al Quran, it is GOD who distributes /grants wealth to any and all creatures, which God has created, including the human beings, and shall all return to GOD as the owner of this Universe. One significant element of Faith, that we have to plant in our Heart is that " There will be a DAY where, the REAL JUSTICE will take place, and the Judge will be ALLAH the ALL MIGHTY POWERFULL. Regardless whether you like it or not, you believe it or not, regardless of your nationality, your etnics, your believes, such Final DAY will for sure come, and only GOD will know when such Final Day will occur. Well, having said all of the above, I just want to remind myself to be always consistent with the need to ask and really ask deeply in our hearts, for GOD' s guidance in continuing our life. Such GOD's Guidance has been forwarded to us through God's Messengers, which are all the Prophets, and in this present moment, in the Area of this Very Rapid Information, including through the internets, blogs, you may and can be find, and read and digest God's Written Manual : How To live in this World, namely the Al Quran and all the Book's which was given by God through its previous prophets, which, benchmark has to be on the Latest Book which is the Al Quran and through the latest and Final Prophet, named Mohammad ( peace be upon him ), who is originated from the region of Arab, at the Place of the 1st House Lord so Called Baitullah or Meccah, where Abraham, who is Mohammad's great-great grand father from the line of Prophet Ismail, who has inspired all of us to keep on seeking and find the real God as the the Real and True and only Creator of this Universe, where during that period of time, Abraham has to face his own blood father, who has worship his own created god ( man made god or false god), other than God the All Mighty. Hours : 2.45 midnight continued and revised 11.45 morning Tuesday 13 May 2008 Wrote by Agung Supomo Suleiman

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Awareness and Realization

Awareness and Realization Based on my experience, in running an independent vehicle or entity such as our Law Firm, which is now named SA & Co ( Suleiman Agung & Co) for nearly 10 Years, from 1 st of June 1998 until to date 26 April 2008 , I really am fully aware, and realize, that it is only with the Grace and permission of ALLAH, that I and my staff including my supporting wife, can still have the will and strength, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, to continue full filing the excitement in experiencing our live in this world, and therefore,we must always keep on maintaining, thanking God, for giving us the permission to live in this World, and giving us the chance, to be independent and having Clients, who requires our legal services, which results cash in to our Firm, for which we can continue to feed our Family.

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