Friday, April 22, 2016


We observe from the media, that since Iran is not willing to freeze its production due to its effort to recovery its financial state budget following the lifting of Western embargo sanctions, causing failure in the Daha Conference on Sunday April 17, 2006  in reaching an agreement or a Deal  to freeze and  stablize the output of Oil Production  by Opec and Non - Opec who gathered in the Daha Conference after Saudi Arabia demanded Iran to join in such freezing of oil production. As we understand Opec's accumulated production contributes 40% of the Oil Production in the Market Global Share.
  • There were 18 Oil Nations including Russia a Non - Opec delegate, who participated in the Daha Conference at Qatari capital of Doha which was previously expected to be able to  reach a deal,  since every stack holders in the Global Oil  business worldwide  has really  suffered  losses  due to the Oil  Price collapse since June 2014.  From the media we understand that there was a fierce debate relating to the wording of communique - including between Saudia Arabia and Russia. Thus the delagates and the miniters had announced that "No Deal  Had Been Reached."
As an Independent Business Lawyer from the Legal Aspects, the Writer of this AGUNGSS Business Lawyer Note Blog  has the impression that  Saudi Arabia was taking the lead in emphazising that Iran as the Opec Member had to agree to freeze its oil Output, since it appears that  Teheran was absent in the talks in such Daha Conference.  

One interesting view from  the legal aspects  in  reaching an agreement or a deal, we observe that since Iran is just only 1(one) member or participant in the Daha Conference who was absent in the talks,  out of the 18 (eithgteen)  Delegates,   we can say that the Deal to Freeze could actually be easily reached,   since only 1(one) delegate was absent,  which leaves the other 17 (seventeen) Delegates to be the  majority vote in the conference and can  therefore easily strike  a Deal to freeze their oil out put production.  As we understand from observes oil analyst  they say  that it will take a rather long periodic of time for Iran to build its Oil infrustructure,  before it could produce and tab its Oil Market Share,  which will be rangging from 500 barrels/per day up to 3 Million barrels per day. 

  • However, from the Geopolitical Perspective, we understand that Saudi Arab and Iran are confronting each other in the Middle East Syria Crisis war, causing Saudi Arab as the Major Oil Producers in the Arab Regional Countries who assist Yemen, and other Middle East Countries to have a tough strong hold in the Vote to demand   Iran to join in the freeze as a condition for  Saudi Arab  to agree in freezing its oil output production.              
This development of course will be really negative signal to the Global Oil Industries causing fears that major oil producers will not end their  battle for the market share, particularly after a threat from Saudi Arab to raise its oil output steeply if "No Freeze Deal of the Oil Output Production cannot be reached". Well  it is really a disaster if supply and demand  of oil is not being the real elemen causing the fluctuation of the Oil Prices,  but is rather more stronger affected and pressured by the Oil War Geopolitical Elemen  as the Major Factor causing real suffer and major losses to other stackholders within the Oil Business Globally, including affecting the Indonesian Economy,  not to mention the internal political tug of war battle  within the Political Elit surrounding the Oil Business Pragmatical approach in Indonesia,  particularly if "Huge Potential of Oil and Gas Discover",  has been predicted to be discovered as shown in  the Masela Block - Paradox Pros and Cons. 

Jakarta, 22 April 2016
Agung Supomo Suleiman
Independent Business Lawyer who is concerned on the Oil Gas and Mining Energy Industries in Indonesia 

Tuesday, March 08, 2016


As a Freelancer Independent Business Lawyer you are sometimes very busy working long hours because of the load of  work  requested  by Client,  among others  Drafting Oil Business Agreements relating to the sale of some portion of  Equity by the Owner of an  Oil Company to Investors, to  pursue it's business Operations.
  • However  there are times, where we are not too busy, perhaps   due to the Collapse of Oil Prices Globally. We all experienced that within this 2 Years since June 2014, the Oil Price  plungged from U$D 100 / per Barrel  into U$D 50  and than  U$D 27. This Crude Oil Prices have fallen more than 70%  from Serbia to the Arabian desert, which caused Oil Producers Countries and Oil Companies loosing money. It is not only an Economic issue but also a Geopolitical issue.  We  remember that in the 1980-ies  the Oil Prices also tumbled down  causing  the collapse of Sovyet Union  and the break down of the Berlin Wall. From the news we read,  we understand  there was sort of a Geopolitical Warfare, in which the Russian had blamed the West. 
At this present Oil Crisis, we can also observe from the Media that Russia was also claiming that there is a conspiracy by the Saudi Arabia and US to punish Iran or influence the economy of Russia who supported the Regim in Syria. Such claim maybe have a point  to argue or it may not be the case. From analysis in the media, we understand  there maybe 2 (two) sides of a Coin in this kind of situation. It depends who you are and where you are. For Oil Importing Countries actually it's good because they can reduced their cost for buying such Oil to fill in their State Budget.  In this case Europe is gaining some benefits of the Low Oil Prices and also Natural Gas is going to be cheaper.
But for the Oil Producers and Oil Country exporters which  are selling Oil this really hurts their financial condition.  Russian Oil Companies are selling Oil  below production costs,  where people are just exploitating from the on going projects existing whatever reserve they have and nobody is planning for long period of time.  
From the media we got the information that Saudi Arabia has U$D 600 Billion Worth of  Revenues stached away in some places, to a relative extent,  but it can quickly burn out  Saudi's  long saving due to its Deficits. We observe that Russia is pumping its production on its  maximum, before sitting and negotiation with Saudi Arabia; According to the expert analysis  this is a normal strategy used by Oil Producers in negotiation to stop the over supply of oil in the market which are also frequently used by OPEC members.
  • We can also see that  from the Geopolitically perspective, Europe is facing flood of imigration from the Middle East particularly primarily from the crisis in Syria. We can watch in the media television there are many imigrants coming to Greece through Turkey.  So there exist Immigrant crisis in Europe. From  the media, according to the analyst, Saudi uses its saving to fund Yaman, Egypt, Oman, Bahrain, therefore it is not only using its monies  for its Domestic requirement. 
Thus, we can see that according to the analyst in the media there is also an urgency requirement to  resolve this Crisis,  where it is a net minus for everybody in the macro economic level as well as in the Geopolitical level.  We observe OPEC, including Saudi controls nearly 40% of World's Oil Supply.  Geopolitics seemed to make a deal problematic. As we can see Russia is helping President Bashaar Assad and the Saudis are suppporting the Assad Opposition fighters. However both have a common economic interest to stabilize the Global Oil Price; They both agree to freeze their production. In the Doha Agreement it appears that Venezuela and Qatar was also party to the Agreement, however the question may arise :  are they able to pursuade the rest of the Opec members to agree upon a production freeze. The other issue is Iran, whereby Iran will defend it's right to raise oil exports to the level that they prevailed before Western Sanctions was imposed in 2011.     

  • How about in Indonesia ? Indonesia is no longer just Exporting Oil and gas but Indonesia is also a Net Importer of Oil. Indonesia produced 790,000 barrels per day (b/d) of Crude Oil and condensates   in 2014, the 3rd Lowest level among OPEC members. Indonesia originaly joined OPEC in 1962 but suspended its membership at the begining of 2009. Indonesia's decision  to suspend   in Opec membership was due to the growing internal demand for energy, declining crude oil and condenste production in mature fields, and limited investment to increase production capacity. 
As we know  Indonesia had become a Net Importer of Petroleum and other liquids by 2004 after domestic demand exceeded production, as Indonesia's production of petroleum and other liquids had declined since the mid-1990's. We noticed that  OPEC had notified  Indonesia that it plans to accept Indonesia's request to re-activate its membership. Based on Opec's statute, it allows as a member any country that is substantial net crude oil exporter, has similar interests to Opec, and and is accepted by 3/4 of full members. Although Indonesia is a net Oil Importer, Indonesia continues to export crude oil and condensates. Despite of it's Oil demand, we can observe that Indonesia's Oil and Natural gas sectors continue to play as  an important element of the Country's economy. Indonesia is in present purchasing crude oil and petroleum product through 3rd Parties or Traders and desries to have a direct acces to long term crude oil supply contracts through negotiations between  National Companies of OPEC members. 

  • We observed from the news in the media  that  Indonesia plans a number of upgrades and expansions to existing refiniries to become operational. From the media-news,  we noticed that Indonesia has also proposed to build 4 New Refineries each having a capacity of 300,000 b/d. Since Indonesia struggles with the level of Investment needed to offset the declining of the Oil and Natural Gas production and the lack of adequated infrastructure, Indonesia is really striving hard to attract  Investment in both upstream and downstream sectors with OPEC members. We can observe that Indonesia is currenntly in discussions with several OPEC members concerning the Crude Oil Deals as well as Investments in Refinery Projects.  
In the other side due to the plungging Oil Prices, after previously taking effeciency measures to minimize the impact of the plungging Oil Prices we may see several  Oil and Gas Companyies are now being forced to take a stiffer action of Lay-Offs and streamlining it's staff members. This also are being suffered by Services Companies, globally. 
  • Apart from the above issues, there seems to be kind of a tug of war and different approaches concerning the Development of the Masela Blog in Maluku,  between Ministerials level from the Cabinet, which emerged in public media, as to whether it is more efficient performing off-shore scheme or onshore,  which we feel  must be immediately solved by the Highest Authority of this Nation, to give Certainty to Oil/Gas Investors.                
Jakarta, 8 Maret 2016 Agung Supomo Suleiman

Saturday, March 05, 2016


The "Real Exiting Challenging Experience"  of the Writer of this Blog  practicing as an Independent Business Lawyer Self-Employed for more than 17 Years  and nearly reaching 18 Years since 1 June 1998,  is that  you are really freedom to choose the place to perform your work it could be in your home or in the cafe or any other places and free to elect  the time  to perform your Legal Service for your Client.
  • Please don't get me wrong the freedom of being an Independent Business Lawyer or Freelance Lawyer is not that you are lazy to work hard, but it is more of a matter of  how to "Work Professionaly Smart" as an Independent Business Lawyer who is responsible to render the most best effort high quality of services to your Client. 
There are many types of manner in seeking to be a smart worker, There are individuals who likes to be free and independent and choose not to be like a "Robot" being forced and programmed  to always be in the office from 8.00 until 17.00,  but without actually doing anything having value added to the Company that you work with nor increase  your professional talent and just pretending to appear as if you are busy to satisfy your so called " Boss"....and sometimes you feel  there are plenty of hours that are waisted and could  be more optimized to gain value added to the quality of life. Well frankly speaking the Writer's professional Journey had been  a combination of Experiencing as (i) Employed personal as Lawyer in a Law Firm and In House Legal Counsel in Companies for 15 Years and (ii) Self -Employed practicing and Venturing his own Experimental Life in pursing as Independent Business Lawyer for more than 17 Years since June 1st, 1998.    

He   started  his career as a Self-Employed Professional Independent Business Lawyer,  when  he   reached the age of 46 Years old  reaching 47  where  based on his past work experiences, he felt strongly that he has  to be Free and Independent and Self-Employed to enable challenging  his further career professional path in pursuing his obsession to be a  Professional Independent Business Lawyer. 

When he entered the Faculty of Law at the University of Indonesia he was actually planning  to be a Diplomat,   where he took the International Law as his speciallity thesis; However for one and other reason he was initially trapped becoming a Legal Consultant/ Lawyer, when he was preparing and finalizing his thesis. The lovely thing being in this profession is that back in his  mind  he had this "wild idea"  that at one day he  can be freedom in practicing his  Law Profession by daring to "jump out of the Box" or "Comfort Zone" in order to follow his  real passion which is to become a real Professional Independent Business Lawyer.        
So the "real object issue"  which the Writer wanted to Focus and highlight in this article  is not the type of Professional that he chooses, but more to the "Freedom Chances" being  Independent Accountibility Professional Independent Business Lawyer, where you must be really Independent and not trapped with the Characteristic of  the Corporation that you are dealing with. 
  • In principal  the Writer of this Blog feels and is very much inspired and influenced by the teaching and reminder under the Holy Book of Al Quran, which was actually confirming (the relevations) which came before it (Taurat which was send down by ALLAH to the previous Prophet Moses and Injil which was send down by ALLAH to Prophet Isa (the son of Maryam) and corrections to the wrong interpretation made by the followers of the said above  previous Prophets upon the Holy Books to emphasize that Monotheisme Concept of Worshiping the One and Only Creator of this Whole Universe - including who creates  the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, and the World we live in,  and  making the rain falling from the Clouds which showered the Dry Land so that all the Plants, animals, which are created and dedicated for  human being,  can live,  which are the real signs of the Greatness and Mercifulness of ALLAH the Creator of this World as referred under the Holy Books including the Holy Al Quran.   
The sharing of the contents of this Holy Book  must be conducted through wise Enlightment to all the believers of ALLAH, the Holy Books, The Hereafter,  so that our Life Journey at the end of the day could be Blessed and Guided by ALLAH the Most Merciful, so that we can make this World a better Place to live in under the Blessing of ALLAH as taught by all  Prophets which were sent by ALLAH to this World; 

  • In light with such set of mind and believes in our Heart without any Doubt,  we have to  build and continously maintain and guard  this "Faith" firmly, to enable us with the Permit and Help of ALLAH,  to get, reach  and gain the "Light"   which are needed  by whatever our profession  are,  to unable to see and reach the End of the Tunnel of our Life Journey, whereby each of us  will be really  taking our own Responsibility  to the Creator  in the Day of the Hereafter, in the Day Of Judgemnent,   for which each of us  consequently must be able  to  obtain  and get  the "Right and Proper" answer upon the Hard Questions which will be raised by ALLAH as the Creator in the Hereafter, as shown in the Wordings of ALLAH in the Holy Books,  among others :
  • How was our Asset being accumulated ? Were or was it gathered in the Rightious Manner in accordance with the Honesty and fairness and fairplay principle and spirits as guided under the Holy Books ?   Did we obtained it by stealing from other Individual or party's  right ? or by Falsifying the data unfairly ? 
    Are we  making Good Deeds in this World  or are we only following bluntly and blindly to our Client's request,  in running their Business Operations for pursuing profits to capitilize their  Wealth -  without taking any consideration upon the Moral,  Ethics, reminder, fairness, and teachings  to  not becoming "Too Much Greedy"  by taking in force of other  people's Natural Resources which was created and granted by ALLAH the Creator in their Mining and Mineral Resources Location,    like Faraoh during the Egyptian Empire which was reminded by Moses over and over again not to be cruel, unjustice and unfair to the Bani Israil Tribes? Thus in this real life there must be a real and solid implemention in bringing  Down to Earth upon the teachings and the moral, ethics  under the Holy Books in the real work in our temporary life in the Earth;
    For instance in the real world  you may frequently find  Signifcant Gaps between the Real Cash -In  in terms of Company's fasilities for the the Management Level and the Employees Level, which therefore Labour Union is needed to narrow such Gaps; We can also frequently  observe  strikes made  by the Labour Union against the Company, in the mass media, if the Employees feels that they are  being treated unfairly  in terms of their salaries and benefits;

    In the Management level there are also  struggle to be choosen as member of the Management team where Corporation Politics frequently are also  being felt when you worked as an employee in a Corporation; There may also be differences of expectation between the shareholders of the Corporation; These all arises due to the real facts that in every human being there are "animals instincts animals spirits" which has to be tammed not to be too greedy in achieving their needs and goals. As an In House Legal Counsel  you have to manage yourself not to be too one sided bluntly to the Management as well as to the employees which are being presented by the Labour Union. For sure the  Directors are being hired and fired by the Shareholders General Meeting.  Below the Directors are the CEOs From President of the Corporation the Senior VPs, VPs to Managers.        
    If  the Corporation is a Mining Company for instance than based  on the Contract Of Work -  or  IUP licences issued by the Government who are representing the People of Indonesia as the owner of the Minerals  based on Article 33 (3) of the Indonesian Constitutional Law,  you have to viewed it from several angles.  
    From the Mining Corporation prespective they of course wants to achieve Return of their Investments and for sure gain Profits immediately from such Mining Operations. But on the other hand from the Government's side, their goal is to Optimize the Government-take  from the Cash - in Flow  from such Mining Operations to increase the  Social Welfare  of the 250 million people of Indonesia, where the State Budget in a running  year depends on the Cash - in flow from the Mining Operations, if Commerciality occurs and Explotation and Production commences; But we have to remember that the Economic Value of the Minerals if it is not explored and exploited by the Mining Investors,and left below the Ground the Value   remains " Zero". Thus we as Independent Business Lawyer have to face the fact and reality  in balancing these perspectives. 

    • The Government and the House of Representantive in establishing the rules has also  to view the prespective that all the Minerals are actually formed and exist based on a Universal system and mechanism under the process of creation which was designed and created by ALLAH as the Only Creator of this Universe including the World we live which is one of the several  Planets which is rotating and circulating the Sun in its orbit where there is also (1) one Moon that rotates around Our 1(one) World  which is referred under Surat Yasin Verses 37 - 38 -39 - 40 of the Holy Quran.  
    Accordingly, based on the Writer's real experiences for 30 Years,  there must be a "certain distance" that you have to maintain in order to  enable you to be "Freedom Independent Professional Business Lawyer"  for making this Temporary World to be a Better World as being Wished by ALLAH the Creator when ALLAH sent Down Adam and Eve from Heaven; Thus The Real Boss that we have to really "worship" is ALLAH the Creator of this Temporary World, because we have to be Fully Aware that life in this World is "Just a Test" - for us - to be challenged which of us are really in Faith :

  • (i) Following the Wishes of the Creator by Firstly - Worshipping the Real and Only One Mighty ALLAH as the Creator of this Universe, and  than must be intergratedly  
    (ii) followed by the reflection and implementation in doing the real Good Deeds - Down To Earth - as shown in the Teachings and Reminders under the Holy Book  during the periode of life-time of each of us Who are being trusted and choosen by ALLAH to make this Temporary World a Better Place to leave in by fencing ourselves with the Teachings of "What Must be Done" and "What Must Not be Done" by us as being taughted by us in the  Holy Books which was sent down to us through the Messengers  of ALLAH. 
    Jakarta, 5 March 2016 revised 26 March 2016
             Agung Supomo Suleiman

Friday, March 04, 2016


Based on the Government Regulation No.103/Year 2015, the Government of Indonesia had signed and issued this Government Regulation on 22 Desember 2015 concerning House Ownership of Foreigners Residing in Indonesia which allows foreigners to own landed houses in Indonesial; The right to own this Landed House by Foreigners are so called "Right of Use" ("Hak Pakai") for an initial period of 30 Years,  which can be extended for an addional of 20 Years and further renewal for 30 Years; Thus  the ownership can reach a total of 80 Years; Please be noted that there are certain requirements and conditions which are important to be taken into considerations.

Significant Points : 
  • Foreigners who hold a legal stay permit ( diplomatic stay permit, official stay permit, residence stay permit, limited stay permit or permanent stay permit) who gives benefit, conduct business, work or invest in Indonesia may own the landed house/apartment unit in Indonesia.
  • Houses /Apartement owned by a foreigner in Indonesia may be passed / inherited by the foreigners offspring; Hwoever such hear must also have a legal stay in Indonesia
  • If the foreigner leaves Indonesia to reside in another country, then the foreigner must sell their house/appartement  to a qualifying person within a year after departing from Indonesia;
  • Indonesian Citizens marrying foreigners can own title over a land as long as the title to the land is not part of the Joint Martial Property; This must be eveidenced by a prenuptial agreement in a Notarial Deed. 
  • The Land National Authority will issue regulations concerning the procedures for granting, releasoing or transfering the ownership of a house by a foreigner;
This Government Regulation is designed by the Indonesian Government to provide more legal certainty for Foreigners regarding property owenership in Indonesia;
This Government Regulation takes into effect on 28 Desember 2015 according to the statement on the website of the Indonesia's Cabinet Secretary  


After having been permited by ALLAH to survive exploring my profession as an Independent Business Lawyer  for more than 17 Years since 1 June 1998, nearly reaching 18 Years,  if ALLAH permits me to be still alive in venturing my life journey in this Beautiful and Challenging World that ALLAH has created for us to leave, I did not realize that such  experimental venture  which I experienced was actually  "similar and has the same character as Freelance Independent Business Lawyer"  where I can apply Flexi Hours and Flexi Time in performing my enjoyable Profession as an Independent Business Lawyer;  
  • This started when I quit as an an In-House Legal  Counsel from PT Freeport Indonesia Company, a Copper and Gold Mining Company operating its Mining Operation in Indonesia,  after working as In-House Legal Counsel  in PT Freeport Indonesia for 5 Years (from 1993 until 1998). Of course there was a reason which triggered me to quit from this Mining Company, when my Former Boss who left Indonesia, went back to the United States,  but still held a weekly meeting with the Legal Department and Tax Department of PT Freeport Indonesia, whereby such teleconference was ceased and stopped  by another guy who was assigned in Jakarta to replace my Former Boss. 
This New Guy from the field  replaced my Former Boss and had instantly changed the program which was already made by my former Boss, where no more weekly Meeting will be held through teleconference between my Former Boss and the Legal Department and Tax Department, and will be replaced by this New Boss.
  • Apart from that, my carreer path program which was established and agreed by my Former Boss and myself was also being changed for which really upset me and  I directly told this New Boss that I am really  waisting my time and requested  to be compensated by owning a certain House which was under a House Loan Program plus a certain amount of money compensation; This House was actually rented by me to a certain Philipino Expatratiate when this matter emerge, since thank to ALLAH, I had already another house in Cipete which is the Southern Part of Jakarta, which me and my family already owned and  stayed; 
Luckily, thanks to ALLAH that  a portion of my claim was agreed including getting this House to be legally owned by me (which for 5 Years the Principal payment was paid by the house lease  amount and the interest was paid by a Certain Bank who has a Cooperation Agreement with PT Freeport Indonesia relating to this House Loan Program for the employees of PT Freeport Indonesia). There were no any outstanding payment of the House Loan that I had  to repay to PT FI, which for me this was  really a "Blessing in Disguise", since there is always to sides out of a "Coin".  
Thanks to ALLAH that this House was  used by me as the Safety Net and starting Working capital for me in practicing my new Exiting Venture as an Independent Business Lawyer. Lessons which I captured from my respective case appears to be that if you try to be honest there will be sort of a Blessing in Disguise which I felt  was really a great help from ALLAH to  me,  who loves to be "More Independent" in pursuing my further Experimental Venture in practicing my Law Profession as an Independent Business Lawyer. Of course there are the ups and downs in terms of Cash - In since you no longer has a guaranteed monthly payment for continuing your life. 
  • But on the other hand  we do not have a Boss who frequently have the controll and can easily changed the carreer path program which really can disturbed your life expectation in a certain fragmentation of your life journey. If you are Self - Employed, your only Boss will be ALLAH who created  you in the first place, and of course ourselve who has to manage our own cash-flow which is for sure uncertain from month to month in the running Years, for which there is always the Advantage and Disadvantage of every life chooices that you have picked among the many alternatives and option available in this life. 
But thanks to ALLAH the Mercifull that, I have survived practicing my venture in the Law Profession as an Independence Business Lawyer for more than 17 Years coming to 18 Years since 1 June 1998;  Back again to the Freelance Lawyer - we may observe from the Website that there are several stories of experincing as Freelance Lawyer  among others : Global Freelance Lawyer , 
This really comforts me  since as an Independent Business Lawyer, we no longer feel lonely in pursuing this profession which is more closer to the understanding of practicing as a Freelance - Independent Business Lawyer - which has the similar characteristic - in principal - More Flexilble in terms of time and Place where you want to optimize your Professional Services for the best interest of your Client since you are Independent and have the freedom to perform the Professional Services that you are required to render to protect your Business Client Interest from the Legal Business  Aspects of  your Clients Business Venture and Operation.  
The Disadvantage being Freelancer : 
  • There is no Guaranteed Fixed Monthly Income like if you are working in a Corporation
  • There is no Insurance for which you have to cover and seek for your own Health Insurance
  • There is no Pension for which your Pension is your accumulated Tangible Asset and Intangible Asset 
The Advantage being Freelancer : 
  • We are our Own Boss - Self Employed- thus you have to control and master your Freelance Career- Your Real Boss is ALLAH - for believers and has faith in ALLAH and the Hereafter.
  • Flexi Time and Flexy Place to perform your Professional Services
  • You are not Stuck in a Cubical Wall 
Well, folks I thinks I have jot down the Theme of todays Article which is Freelancing  
 Jakarta, 4 March 2014
Agung Supomo Suleiman

Saturday, November 14, 2015


It is really interesting and exciting  to be self - employed as an Independent Business Lawyer  for more than 17 Years since 1 June 1998, whereby with the help and permit of ALLAH, Agung  has managed to survive practicing as an Independent Business Lawyer in Indonesia. Most of  his work experiencing during this period includes assisting Business Clients in Indonesia, from the Legal Aspects,   who  are striving to survive as business corporation in      Indonesia, which consists among others Oil and Gas, General Mining Companies and Hotels,  as well as having a cooperation relation  with Management Consultant, whose Clients /Customers  needs Management and Services  Consultant Provider to help manage in running their business operations in Indonesia.
  • From his experience assisting Business Clients, we understand that the Management Consultant Services Provider,  are really trying hard with their best efforts  to assist Investors who needs back up funds as well as management and consultant services to start and operates their business ventures in Indonesia.  Since Agung is self-employed in the sense he is not employed by a Corporation but rather  striving to survive by providing business legal services to his  Clients, who agrees to enter into a certain Legal Services Agreement arrangements, with a reasonable fair legal fee within their budget, there will be an advantage and benefit  to the Clients who requires professional business legal support to protect and secure their business operations and interests;   
     The most exciting and enjoyble part of being an Independent Business Lawyer, is that, Agung can posses and maintain his freedomness  to elect his way of life in  performing professional legal services with more flexy time and flexy place, since  he is well equiped and supported by Lap Top and Computer with USB and Wifi in this digital Era; 
  • By being Independent self employed as an Independent Business Lawyer, Agung can really focus in conducting his professional legal services  which  includes among others  drafting Legal
Opinion, Legal Advices and Reviewing and Drafting Business Legal Agreements and business transactions from Letter of Intent (LOI), Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), making Action Plan, Drafting Business Contracts to support  his Clients in documenting their business transactions to support and smoothen their business needs, ventures and operations in Indonesia from the Legal Aspects; 
  • Sometimes smoothness of cash flows will be a real concern, for those who elects to be self-employed professional, as a way of developing your carrier; However, from his 17 Years of Self - Employed Experience  since 1 June 1998, he experienced that  if you really  focus on your goals  to be dedicated with your professional carrier, with the permit and help of ALLAH the All Mighty, and by constinuously, forcing yourself to listen and read the words of ALLAH in ALLAH's Book, where for us moslems, will be  the Holy Book of Al Quran -(you can listen to your Digital Al Quran),  there will  always be a way, from a  misterious direction,  which we did not formerly expect to be the source of cash in, which will solve  and fill in your cash flows,  from your day-to day, week to week, month to month, including year to year, life experience  journey, which actually and in fact can be felt by us that, the ultimate Source of Cash-in is from ALLAH the Merciful Graceful Creator of this Whole Entire Universe, who through ALLAH's  system had contacted  our Client's mind and heart to remember contacting the Writer of this Blog, as one of our Client's option to explore building relation particularly from the Legal Aspects involved  in our Clients business venture.
  • Jakarta, 14 th October 2015
  • Agung S.Suleiman        

Thursday, October 29, 2015


As a self-employed Independent Business Lawyer, the Writer of this Blog  have experienced  more than 17 Years since 1 of June 1998  by choosing  his professional carrier  practicing as an  Independent Business Lawyer with Non Conventional Flexy Time and Flexy Place  by  providing  Professional  Legal Services to Business CLIENTS who are operating in  Indonesia.
  • After experiencing working as Legal Consultant for 5 Years in a reputable Law Firm in Indonesia during  his  early legal practices  including 5 Years as In House Legal Counsel in several Foreign Companies operation in Indonesia i.e. Vico Indonesia (Huffco Indonesia) - producing Oil and Gas ( LNG),  2 Years as Partner in a Law Office and  5 Years  as In House Legal Counsel in PT Freeport Indonesia - Cooper and Gold Mining, the Writer of this Blog ends up  choosing a more Chalengging and Exciting Venture to become a Self Employed Non Conventional Independent Business Lawyer with Flexy Time and Flexy Place due to  his  obsession to become  an Independent Business Professional Lawyer, starting from 1st of June 1998; By electing this type of venturing he can fully focus  providing  Legal Services to Clients who requires Business Legal Services to cope with their Legal Aspects in running and operating their Business in Indonesia.
As a person who tends and prefer to choose to develop a more Quality  in Life, rather than just working like a machine  or robot from 9 Morning to 5 Afternoon, in a cubical Room, the Writer of this Blog has performed  his life experience to be more meaningful and Independent when he reached the age of 46 becoming 47 Years old which was back in 1 June 1998, when Indonesia was hit by the First Financial Economic Crisis. This  manner in  running his carrier as professional, was emerged  by just "following his heart" to be more Independent and professional  to enable  maximising his professional Independent Business Lawyer. 
  • For sure it is not easy,  for which  the Writer of this Blog experienced the ups and downs in terms of Cash Flow, as well as exploring the  excitement of  a  life journey by learning from  the hard way to be self-employed  and quit from the Conventional Organization to enable exploring his inner wants and needs as a human being who chooses to have a more meaningful quality of life as a professional Independent  Business Lawyer. As you may notice Independent Business Lawyer are also being practiced by Independent Business Lawyer outside of Indonesia as you can see in this Website: Association of Independent Business Lawyer.
The benefit and advantage for Clients are that they will receive Professional Legal Servives from a  Qualified Experienced Independent Business Lawyer who had extensive experienced assisting Clients for their Legal Aspects in running their Business in Indonesia, in a proper and efficient manner,  with a more fair Legal Fee within their Budget.
  • Well,  having said the above,  at the present moment it is already the month of October 2015, where  the Writer of  this Blog, with the permit and help of ALLAH has managed to survive for more than  17 Years since 1 June 1998,  being an Independent Business Lawyer and is really enjoying his life particularly  upon  his elected  choosen venture to gain a more better Quality of Life. Nobody is perfect in this life, but daring to choose  a more independent  manner in running our life journey to gain  more  "meaningful Quality of Life  is quite an exciting life experience which was ventured by the Writer of this Blog.
Jakarta, 29th - 30th October 2015
Agung S.Suleiman
Independent Business Lawyer                        

Monday, July 07, 2014


During the recent 2014 Indonesian President/Vice President Debate, several hot General Mining Issues concerning Divestment and Renegotiation of Contract Of Works of General Mining emerged  including the Divestment of 51% of PT Freeport Indonesia Company emerged, where it strongly indicates that the Candidates was questioning whether the President / Vice President Candidates are really going to investigate the issues as to why was the Divestment Clause under the Contract of Work of PT Freeport Indonesia which obligates Divestment of the  51% of the total shares issued by PT Freeport Indonesia Company had not been implemented and executed. 
  • As we all know the Contract of Work of PT Freeport Indonesia which was signed by   the Government of Indonesia and PT Freeport Indonesia Company on 30 Desember 1991 (Fifth Generation of COW) which was the renewal of the Contract of Work between Freeport Indonesia Incorporated    and the Government of Indonesia Based on the Decision of the Cabinet Presidium No.82/EK/KEP/4/1967 of 7 April 1967 (First Generation COW).       Based on Article 26 of the Viena Convention - Pacta sunt Servanta it is stipulated that Every Treaty in force is binding upon the parties to it and must be performed by them in good faith. Based on this Article 26 of the Viena Convention of 1969 and pursuant to Article 24 paragraph 2 b Concerning Promotion of National Interest of the Contract of Work of PT Freeport Indonesia dated 30 Desember 1991 it is stipulated that : .
  • ......the Company is required to sell or caused to be sold in public offerings on the Jakarta Stock Exchange, or otherwise to Indonesian Nationals, sufficient shares to equal a total of 51% of the issued shares capital of the Company not later than the twentieth anniversary of the date of the signing of this Agreement (the Contract of Work) to the extent requested by the Government of Indonesia to meet the requirements of then existing laws and regulations and to the extent the financial market conditions in Indonesia at the time permit the shares to be sold in an orederly market at a fair price. 
( Note in the Definition under the COW Article 1 item 4  :Company means PT Freeport Indonesia Company, the corporate successor to FII, any approved Corporate successor:and when used in reference to expenditure nade or other action taken under the Prior Contract or the SIPP also means FII ) 

Based on the above International and Indonesian Legal Grounds, the Indonesia President/Vice President Candidate was raising  the issues that investigation must be conducted why was the 51%  Divestment Obligation which must actually takes place one the 20th Anniversary of the Signing of PT Freeport COW dated 30 December 1991 which means on 30 December 2011 ( which is 20 Years after 30 December 1991)  does not occur. Pursuant to Paragraph 2 of Article 24 of the PT Freeport COW  Indonesian Nationals means an Indonesian Citizen, an Indonesian legal entity controlled by Indonesian Citizens, or the Government of the Republic of Indonesia.
  • During such 2014 Indonesian President/Vice President Candidate Debate, besides The Contract Of Work of PT Freeport, it was also  questioned about Newmont ' s COW.  We understand that  based on Presidential Regulation No.20 Year 1994, the Divestment  of Foreign Investments  in a general business  was  merely 5% for the Local Indonesian  National Investors and Foreign Investars can remain 95%; However this Presidential Regulation  No.20/1994 was more lower level  than  PT Freeport's COW which ranked higher since such COW signed by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia was also been consulted with the DPR (People's House Representative). Thus, the Legal Binding of  the 51% Divestment obligation under Article 24 of  PT Freeport's COW must be binding and must be performed  by the Parties of the PT Freeport COW  pursuant to Article 26 of the Viena Convention.
The above issues were really  hot issues raised  in the 2014 Indonesian President/Vice President Candidate Debate including also the Renegotiating of PT Freeport COW and others COW which was challenged by such 2014 Indonesia President/Vice President  Candidates Debate shown in the Broadcaeted Indonesian Private Television TV One/ Metro TV as well as Berita Satu TV, where pursuant to Article 62 Viena Convention concerning Fundamental change of Circumstances, a Party may request for Renegotiation Long term Contracts Mining if such Fundamental change of circumstances occurs.  In a Desertation  - Renegotiation of Mining Contract in Congo  made by Lukanda Kapwadi  it  shows  that such Article 26 of Viena Conventions as well as the practice of US Law recognizes the regoniatibility of long term contracts for which there exist Yurisprudence of Renegotiation of Long term Mining Contracts in Congo, where Indonesia for sure can learned from such Yurisprudence Renegotiation of Mining Long Term Contracts.
  • Whereas concerning 51% Divestment Obligation under Article 24 paragrap 2 b of the PT Freeport COW is more of binding to the  Parties and  must be performed by PT Freeport Indonesia as well as Freeport McMoran Cooper & Gold and by the Government of Indonesia to be implemented 20 Years after the signing Date of PT Freeport COW dated 30 December 1991 which shall be on the 30 December 2011 pursuant to Article 26 Pacta Sun Servanta of the Viena Convention Year 1969. . 
Jakarta, 6 July 2014
Agung Supomo Suleiman

Friday, April 04, 2014


If you are seeking Indonesian Oil Gas and General Mining Lawyers you can contact AgsS Law who is an Independent Business Lawyer experiencing as Business Lawyer  practioner in the Oil Gas and  General Mining Business in Indonesia for more than 30 Years. 

We are eager to assist you  in taping the legal aspects of the oil and gas and general mining business  operations in Indonesia.  If you happen to be venturing business in Indonesia you can easily contact him through his email or his Hand Phone : 081683067. If you are a Law Firm or Lawyer outside of Indonesia and  are eager to search for a Business Lawyer Correspondence in Indonesia, you may just contact Agung where he will be very happy to assist and develop a mutual  beneficial relationship with you.  
  • Indonesia is an open country for foreign Investors who are interested to seek business ventures and opportunities in Indonesia. The Indonesians are eager to enter into a mutual beneficial business cooperation with Foreign Investors who are interested to develop its business in Indonesia on a mutual understanding of cross culture between different backgrounds. We still need to learn more from the more advance countries how they can develop and grow to become more aware of the business skills and opportunities in several different area of expertise.                 
  In the Oil and Gas Industries as well as the General Mining Ventures in Indonesia, you may need to understand the back ground philosophy of how the most common Indonesian People are expecting to increase their life quality and standards from the revenue originating from the Natural Resources of Oil and Gas as well  the Hard Minerals founded and located in Indonesia. Beside Oil and Gas Exporters, Indonesia is now a Net Importer of Oil for its domestic use and consumption. Thus, the Government purchase the Product of  Oil  from Sellers outside  of Indonesia based on the market price and sell it to Pertamina as the State Owned Company to be sold to the people in Indonesia on a lower price by subsidizing the difference.

  • Relating to the Downstream business prospects,   we understand there are still  significant opportunities for establishing Refinery in Indonesia, however, before funding or putting their monies, Investors wants to firstly have assurances on the feed stock to be proccessed in such Refinery Plant as well as who will purchase the end product of the Crude Oil which are being processed to become  a product.

The Location of the Refinery Plant is also an  important element which had to be considered, which has to be near the Jetty for the Off-Taker to  off-take the Product. Tax Intensive shall  also be a significant element which needs to be  requested by the Investors and granted by the Government of Indonesia to the Refinery Investors.

  • A solid prospective business  plan must be made which  can demonstrates why this investment in the Refinery will work. Licenses for running and operating said Refinery Plant must also be explored to make sure that the legality documents and requirement are full filled and completed. Well, those are some few elements that I as a Business Lawyer wanted to high light to the viewers of this Blog.  
Agung S.Suleiman 
Jakarta, 4 April 2014 

Friday, November 01, 2013


This question is really challenging for professional who are eager to be a Professional Business Lawyer. In my self experience, I can capture the essence of being a Business Lawyer by opening my own shop in the Business Lawyer practice as a self employed Business Lawyer in the sense that we really experienced ourselves becoming a self employed Business Lawyer in the sense of having no fixed income for more than 16 years since 1 of June 1998.

  • It is quite an experience where there are no schools teaching us  how to be self - employed,  but to experienced yourself  by becoming someone who dare or is forced by a certain X factor to  jump from a certain fixed situation to become uncertain in terms of your cash flows income.  Your are more independent and flexible in terms of your time schedule, but as a consequence you do not have a certain fixed monthly income as you may enjoyed during your time when we are in the status of an employee have a fixed-monthly income. 
However, there are more wide opportunities that you can venture during your free unemployed status because once your are near the edge of not having enough sufficient cash flows, you are forced to seek and get out of your dreaming venture to face reality that you have to seek Clients or customers who are in need of your legal business expertise so that in return of  rendering your business legal services to your Client,  you are than  being paid an agreed certain legal fees for the legal business services that you have rendered to your Clients.
  • Thus, there is no other alternative and option than to emerge and pulled out your ability to seek and search Clients through your business networks to be able to generate legal fee revenue. But the Legal Fees are actually a By-Product, where we firstly have to seek Clients through our business networks  and provide them with our professional legal business services in a perfect, professional, timely, efficient way to meet our Clients high expectation in receiving our legal business support services to protect our Clients Business Interests, investment, and business operations in achieving their business targets and goals.   
There is no instant short cut results, but it needs courage, tough decisions, down to earth solutions to help your  Clients needs in achieving their business goals and targets, business plans in their ventures in Indonesia. You have to really learn from your falls and ups, smart learning process, and also by admitting your weakness so that you must learn, listen and observe from others who succeed and are able to  rise up after their falls and never give up to pursue your missions, visions  in actualizing your potential inner strength to contribute value added to your business society and community. 
  • You must established a certain character to differentiate your unique professional capability and maintain your business networks and links to expand and penetrate the market in exposing your professional capability  as a Business Lawyer. Before you can convince others you must firstly identify who your really are and what are your wants, needs, visions, goals, dreams, and down to earth reality facts that you can be an added value to your closest business society and community.  
So, we have to increase our awareness to become more smarter and learn from our mistakes, to overcome our own obstacles which had blocked our potential capability to develop and increase our self confidence and self esteem. Well, having said the above, this article is actually to strengthen my self to be more aware and conscious of what do we actually want to do to contribute benefits to others.
Jakarta, November 1, 2013 revised 24 June 1014
Agung S.Suleiman          

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Amazing isn't it we do not realize that it is already the 22nd of October 2013. Thanks GOD that we still survive and are alive. How is Business at your end? We hope that everything is ok at your end. In Indonesia the weather is quite hot and sometimes it's raining. If we look at the construction development in Jakarta it appears that there are many new high rise buildings being constructed. The streets in our Area which is near Fatmawati Street are being fast renovated and expanded to become  3 Row Ways, due to the preparations of the MRT or Mono Rail which are planned to be constructed from Lebak Bulus to Hotel Indonesia in Jakarta.
  • The Governor of Jakarta seems to be very serious and consistent in implementing the development of the streets in Jakarta particularly in Fatmawati Street where I lived, where it only took around 1 (one) month to complete such renovation of the 3 Row Ways, where they conducted the construction at night, which according to my knowledge it only occurs during the Era of  Governor Jokowi and Ahok, which is similar to my personal experience observing road construction when I was in Holland. 
As you are aware Jakarta is the Capital City of Indonesia, by which it shall be the barometer and sample of how the upfront face of Indonesia will be exposed in the coming days and future  to come, after Jokowi  for 1(one)  Year had exercised professionally  as how Public Servants must actually performed as Public Servants in Indonesia.  
  • For business actors and players these positive attitude shown by the Governor of Jakarta shall be a positive sign to attract investors establishing their offices in Jakarta. Green City Parks, water drainage, river  functions and additional volume of Bus Ways are being focused to be handled and tackled by the Governor of Jakarta during this 1st Year of Public Services by this Public Servant. We as the inhabitants in Jakarta can really feel the seriousness of handling the complicated matters faced by Jakarta by Governor  Jokowi. 
We as Business Lawyer feels having  a certain level degree of comfort  relating to  "Legal Certainty" due to the Strong and Solid Leadership shown by these 2 Leaders, where they demonstrated to be  sincere and can be trusted by the people in solving and handling the overwhelming comprehensive and complicated matters faced by the Capital City of Jakarta. 
  • I think these are some real and actual feelings that we felt as inhabitants in Jakarta.
Jakarta, 22 October 2013
Agung Supomo.Suleiman           

Monday, October 21, 2013

Indonesia IS REALLY Experiencing New Era

Yes, Indonesia is really experiencing New Era in its journey as a Nation in this Democracy and Transparency Era. In Indonesia you can notice that the Indonesian News Papers and Electronic Media are very freely independent and nobody is in exception to be criticized including the highest level position in the Executive, Judicial  as s well as in the Legislative; Particularly facing the 1914 Presidential and Legislative.
  •  We cannot imagine that this could happen in Indonesia during the Soeharto Regime Power Era before 1998; Indonesia is actually still learning how to become a well integrated, Good Governance, transparency since in the Political Level, most of the Parties are still  using  monies influence  to attract the people in their campaign to seek voters. Indonesia is an Archipelago consisting of thousands of Islands scattered from Sumatra to Papua, where in reality you need to have significant amount of  funds and monies or sponsors to be able to capture the Parties Voters in these wide Spread Archipelagos of Indonesia. 
Most of the officials who are being dragged to the Court being alleged of conducting Corruptions are related to the High Level Legislative and Head of the Region Elections where it indicates that there occurs collaboration between Private Companies who had sponsored funds for the Political Figures which in return these Private Companies appears to be expecting to win tenders in the Government Projects, which are demonstrated in the various Corruption Cases being  handled aggressively by the KPK (Komite Pemberantasan Korupsi) or roughly translated the Corruption Elimination Committee.  
  • Several significant High Level Public Figures are being jailed and put to prison in the process of this  Investigation by KPK, which are being highlighted by the Indonesian Journalist in the Local TV Media News in Indonesia. We can view and observe this as a positive legal  trend process against corruption in Indonesia during this Transparency Era, where  nobody is in exception to this new Era Trend occurring in Indonesia. At least there is definitely High Hopes experienced by us  for a better future in Indonesia in the coming years to come.
Talk shows in the TV Media are occupied with these  breaking news relating to Corruption Cases which are being discussed, analyzed and debated by the Expertise from different level of professions.There are  no censorship upon what are being discussed in the TV Media in Indonesia relating to this corruptions cases involving the High Level Alleged  Officers. Thus, Indonesia is currently really experiencing a new Era in its journey as a Nation to become more Democracy, Transparency and Good Corporate Governance.          
Jakarta, 21 October 2013

Agung S.Suleiman


Friday, October 18, 2013


Yes, as a Business Lawyer we have to learn from others particularly, how to increase our professional qualifications and capability to catch up with the International Business Professional standards so that we can satisfy the legal curiosity of our Foreign International Clients who are conducting business in Indonesia. If we can meet the high expectation of our Client in handling the legal aspects to protect their business interest particularly to protect their investments which they have pursued to achieve their business goals and targets, we might be rewarded by our International Clients by achieving good and qualified team work and partnership with our Clients. 
  •   Our Law Firm now called SACO Law Firm (Suleiman Agung & Co)  is striving to survive and as a professional Law Firm, and we are really eager to establish and maintain good professional relation with Foreign International Law Firms. For more than 15 (fifteen) Years since 1st June 1998, our Law Firm had been practicing Business Law within the Business Community in Indonesia. The Founder and partner of this Law Firm had experienced serving International Foreign Clients as well as Local Indonesia Clients. Based on such depth experienced, we believe and is confident  that we really understand the wants and needs of our Clients to ensure legal certainty to enable them to develop sustainable business venture in Indonesia.
We must be aware that the world is flat in the sense that all countries are dependent on each other including maintaining good understanding between the Various Business Players and Professionals  in all level of Business Society. Besides mastering the English language every Business Lawyer have to always learn the effective business communication particularly how to talk the same business language with your Business Lawyer skills in passing the message of legals aspects and legal exposures which is understood by every level of professionals with your Clients including the management and shareholders level.

  • As a Business Lawyer,  we have to learn from the hard way and by experiencing also the difficulties and obstacles in our cash flows and learn smart from our ups and downs in running and managing our Business Law Firm and we must also establish high level of trust and comfort to our Clients. Indonesia is growing and striving hard  to be at the same level of attitude with other advance countries who had reached a certain level of quality and service which can be accepted by International Standards. We can observe and watch this from our day to day experience in Indonesia  where one of the Good samples which are shown by the New 1 Year Governor of Jakarta, where the Governor and the Vice Governor of Jakarta are really doing professional tasks including how to get the MRT Project done to cope with the Terrible Traffic Jam and crowd in Jakarta and the hard work to cope and handle the Floods in Jakarta.      
So we really must learn from our advance neighbor countries and learn smart from them to develop growth in this open transparant era.
That's all folks for this episode snapshots
Jakarta, 18th October 2013
Agung S.Suleiman 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Yah kita sebagai manusia Harus Sabar, tangguh,  tidak boleh putus asa dengan Rahmat ALLAH BERSYUKUR kepada ALLAH. 
  • Rejeki sudah ada Jatah dan takaran dari ALLAH bagi kita selama kita masih diberi kesempatan hidup, namun syaratnya agar dapat rejeki Berkah, adalah Jujur, Mengikuti Perintah ALLAH dan Menjauhi Larangan ALLAH, berdoa, berusaha keras dengan banyak mau belajar dari pengalaman jatuh bangun diri kita maupun orang lain termasuk wadah kita dan wadahnya orang lain, dan berusaha untuk juga kerja cakap dengan tidak mengulang-ngulang  kesalahan yang kita lakukan. 
  • Penulis merasakan bahwa  meskipun sudah berumur 61 tahun menuju 62 Tahun, namun jika ALLAH masih memberikan kesempatan untuk hidup didunia ini, dan jika sudah bersusah dengan semaksimal mungkin, ternyata manusia ada takaran rejeki sesuai dengan kemampuan dan kegigihan yang dimiliki orang tersebut, dimana untuk Penulis adalah  memberikan "Brand Name" pada wadah Penulis dengan nama Suleiman Agung & Co yang Penulis singkat SACO LAW FIRM;
Tidak mudah memang membangun dan memelihara serta mempertahankan untuk dapat Survive, selama lebih dari 15 Tahun ini dengan ganti Partner maupun berganti keluar masuk pegawai. Namun karena Penulis mulai dari "Nol alias Scratch" istilah bahwa Inggrisnya, pada tanggal 1 Juni 1998,  Penulis syukur ALHAMDULILLAH telah banyak mengalami jatuh dan bangun termasuk Cash Flow dari Wadah ini yang tentunya berpengaruh kepada Cash Flow dapur pribadi rumah tangga; 
  • Namun ada "Hal penting yang Penulis alami, setelah dicampur antar pengalaman pengalaman perjalanan hidup Pribadi selama 61 tahun lebih dengan 15 Tahun menjalankan Wadah Suleiman Agung & Co yang Penulis singkat SACO LAW FIRM adalah,  terasa ada ke"Yakinan Kuat" yang dirasakan oleh Penulis bahwa  ada hukum Universal yang dibuat oleh ALLAH Sang Maha Pencipta, khususnya disebabkan  Penulis sudah diizinkan oleh ALLAH Sang Maha Pencipta untuk selama  15 Tahun untuk dapat survive, dengan cara Self Employed dengan pengertian, tidak ada Fixed - Income atau gajih, melainkan berjuang dan berusaha mengharapkan rejeki Cash-In meraih Karunia ALLAH dari Proyek memberikan Jasa Hukum melalui Wadah Suleiman Agung & Co yang Penulis singkat SACO LAW FIRM,  maka  banyak ilmu dan pelajaran yang dapat Penulis petik;
Ilmu dan Pelajaran Penting ini antara lain yang penting adalah bahwa jika kita kaitkan dengan Keimanan dan Kepercayaan atau Faith, bahwa ada suatu Dzat Maha Kuasa diluar diri kita yang telah menciptakan ALAM semesta ini termasuk Bumi yang kita tinggali terasa Sangat Kuat  ada "Hukum Universal" yang bersumber dari Kitab Suci yang diturunkan ALLAH,  melalui para Nabi  dan para Utusan Rasul dari ALLAH bahwa ALLAH akan memberikan cobaan kekeringan - tandus - dimana dalam hal menjalankan wadah adalah "Masa Sudah Sidekit atau Minimnya Cash Flow, serta disisi lain Rahmat dan Berkat berupa Rejeki Karunia ALLAH berupa Cash - In yang akan datang setelah kita benar2 kepepet, yang datangnya seringkali dari Arah - atau Klien yang kita tidak- sangka2, dan biasanya tepat dengan Jumlah Uang yang kita benar2 Butuhkan untuk dapat menyirami kekeringan Cash Flow tersebut;

  • Jika hal ini hanya terjadi sekali dua kali maka mungkin kita menyebutnya Kebetulan, namun jika hal ini seringkali kita alami, maka harusnya ini membuktikan : "Tidak Ada Faktor Kebetulan" melainkan haruslah ada faktor Hukum Universal dari suatu Sistem Mechanisme Jatuh bangun dala kehidupan didunia ini,  yang memang telah didesign dan dibuat oleh ALLAH, dimana kita harus pandai belajar menimba ilmu ini, dan mengamati, perjalanan hidup kita agar kita In Sya ALLAH dapat menjadi manusia yang lebih Bijak dan Cakap dan Pandai Bersyukur untuk tidak merasa Sombong jika berada di"Atas", dan tidak putus asa dikala kita berada "dibawah. 
Sekian dahulu tulisan Penulis ini, pagi setelah kemarin bekerja dan rapat sampai malam dengan Klien .....
   Jakarta 17, Juli 2013 
Agung S.Suleiman 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Certain Universal Rules

Well, its quite a while that I visited this blog of mine; It is really exiting being the founder of a Boutique Law Firm, now called Suleiman Agung & Co ("SACO Law Firm") particularly if you are trying to connect your self with the Creator of this World that we are living; From my life experience, I  strongly feel that there are certain Universal rules that applies to all human beings as well as self employed professionals players whatever the professionals might be in this 1(one) world that we are living; 
  • If you are allowed by the Creator to survive being an Independent individual or professional where you are self employed in the sense that you are not attached to a certain fixed income, you than start on trying with your best efforts to find a way out to cope with your cash flow; 
For sure and certain we understand that  there are  Certain Universal rules and principals which taught us  that we cannot just sit in our office and wait for a falling star or a basket of monies pouring  to our office or our pocket, but we have to market out and seek information within our networks to get some business deal done;
  • From our life experience, we strongly feel that there is a big and huge difference between someone who in the process of life develop the awareness in the faith and believes that there is a Great Element Creator, outside of our selves, who had created this huge Universe including the 1(one) world that we are living, which is  that we as believers upon the Creator, are educated by our actual live journey experiences to really explore such live journey and by trying really hard to balance our day to day actual life, with God's Words in the Holy Books that had been sent down to us through the Creator's Messenger; 
We can found for example that the wind which blows is not just blowing by itself, but is actually a Good Blessed Message from the Creator, that the wind will blow Clouds into the Direction of a certain Land which are dry, by which water in the form of rain will be sent down and poured  to the dry land being part of the earth, so that living can start again after such long dry land, where seeds of the plants can grow resulting fruits and vegetables as God's kindness to us, so that we and all the animals can survive living and start to live again after suffering such long dry seasons;
  • So these are actually many signs from the Creator addressed to us, who wants to use our mind, brain, and see with our eyes, ears as well as  hearts to be thankful to the Creator who is ALLAH The Most Merciful and Kindness to all of us in this world; However, we have to be patient and do our best efforts within our best efforts to continue living in our unique respective fields of skills, talent, potential strength as well weakness to complement with other integrated professionals and different fields  within our choice of works and places to seek opportunities to survive, and for us Believers to pray and be thankful for ALLAH kindness to us.  
These kind of feelings are similar to the cash flows of our Professional Business, where if we are patient, focused, tough with our efforts in striving to survive, after marketing our selves through our networks, and after we felt dry season in our cash flows or feeling as if we are in the edge of the cliff, we can strongly feel as Believers that ALLAH as the Creator will guide us to contact one of our many networks that we have contacted and will pour water or provisions through such respective network by giving business deal in our respective professional skills to cope with our cash flows; 
The above are my writing for this night in the beginning of the Holy Month Of Ramadhan
Jakarta, 7 July 2013 
Agung Supomo Suleiman                         

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Drilling Rig
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