Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Business Lawyers Attitude

As a Business Lawyer you have to establish and develop a positive attitude in maintaining your integrity. You have to be honest and must keep your business ethics and morals to protect the business interests of your Clients. Remember that your Clients are business players who seeks profits in their venture. Wise counsel from top lawyer David Boies: 'late bloomer' quick to hire and appreciate people with disabilities. (On the Wall: Fly).: An article from: Westchester County Business Journal 

You must overcome the legal problems to maintain the  smoothness  business operations of your Clients. You have to seek solution to overcome obstacles which may delay your Clients business achievements and goals. You have to master yourself with the business sense and desires of your Clients. You must not be blocking the wants of your Clients Business Objectives to the extent that you must  advise your Client to observe and comply with the legal requirements as regulated by the laws and regulations surrounding the business activities of your Clients as may be advised by you. 

You must lead the smooth path and advise the rules, laws and policies that have to be taken into considerations by your Clients. You must seek solutions to solve the obstacles that may be faced by the uncertainty of the laws and rules which may occur in a certain circumstances and situation. As a Business Lawyer you have to have a positive attitude  in bridging the communications between the Local Government , Central Government and your Clients business desires particularly relating to the legal aspects surrounding  the business operation of your Client in such Area .     

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Insurance Clauses Coverage

If you are a Business lawyer drafting Business Contracts you may be requested to review the Insurance Coverage Clauses that have to be covered by the Contractor of your Client. You must ensure to protect your Clients from unforeseen losses and significant financial burdens. In organizing an insurance  program  it is advisable that you may request your Client to engaged for an Insurance Broking and Consultancy Services who may be ready to advise your Business Clients for guidance and consultation with the Insurance Program and Plan that have to be covered by your Client or the Contractor of your Clients who are providing services to your Clients Business Activities.

There may be 3(three) basic considerations which have to be viewed in organizing an insurance program, namely  :120x240 ApexBattery
1. Recognize the perils facing the business and potential loss surrounding or which may occur in your Clients Business Operations.
2. Investigating the methods by which the costs of  the Insurance coverage can be reduced, which includes "exploring" for appropriate insurance plans.
3. Prepare and insurance plan that is compatible with the operation and goals of Your Clients Business 

Whereas relating to the Insurance Coverage there are several Insurance Coverage which may be covered to cover the Assets as well as the Personal which are engaged and may be found and exposed suffering such losses among others : fire, liability, vehicle, equipments, workers compensation and some other desirable insurance coverage which may include Business Interruption, Crime and Key Employees.     

The above insurance coverage really depends on the nature and specific character involved and attached to the business operations of your Client. If your Client is in the Oil and Gas Business Operations there may be insurance Coverage for the Drilling Rig of the Drilling Contractor and other Services and Supporting of Such Drilling Operations activities among others the Cementing, Perforating,Well Logging, Drill Stem Testing,  Fishing, Completing the Well.

You have to ensure that the Insurance Company are competent to cover such Insurance Coverage. As a Business lawyer you have to make sure upon the wordings and sentence of the Insurance Coverage, the Period of the Insurance Coverage, The Insurance Policy, The Waiver of  Subrogation Clause to ensure that the Insurance  Company will Waive their  Right to Subrogate ( take over in claiming) or the Right to Claim against your Client or their employees and directors, after the Insurance Coverage had been claimed and paid  to your Client as the Beneficiary, Assured or Co Assured  of such Insurance  Coverage in event such unforeseen perils occurred.  

There are also occurrence where Insurance Company are reluctant to cover the loss due to the high risks exposure such as the Lost of Down Hole Equipment which are lost down deep in the Well. There may be Business Interruption Insurance where damage to your Client's property or machinery or stock could seriously disrupt the business income or profit and extra cots of your Client Business. The loss of your Clients Contractors and Suppliers may also impact Your Clients Business for which you may advise your Clients to cover the Business Interruption Insurance to cover the short-fall of the gross profit of your Client.

Those above are some glance view and picture of the Insurance Exposures that have to be explored and checked by the Business lawyer in coordination with the Insurance Broker and Insurance Consultant and your Client.          

Drilling Rig

Drilling Rig
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